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MOST VALUES EVER – Hum Saath Saath Hain Review


We review the movie that contains every possible value and moral.

This movie reminds takes us back to the wonderful 90’s where anything was possible as long as you were a rich joint family.

This review was done based on your suggestions! If you’d like us to review any other movies, let us know in the comments.
As always, we’d like to know what you think. So tell us! (Nicely.)

Folks in the video:
Kanan Gill: @KananGill
Kalyan: @KalyanRath

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  1. You Guys are sooo fun !! I literally fell down laughing at the Sanskar – Honey Singh bit !!! XD XD

  2. you got the order wrong, birthday followed by engagement….not the other way round
    it's during anwar mia's bday that they discover the love angle between vinod and sapna #vipna

  3. Kanan and Biswa…you guys are great +++…never stop your doing what you do! love your pretentious movie revws!!!

  4. By the way guys this fucking annoying song is copied just google Jeanette-porque te vas

  5. It's been 1-2 years u haven't made any such videos together..! Watching u both together is really fun.
    Kanan, you haven't uploaded any new videos in your channel!
    We enjoy U and Biswa been together!!
    I hope you respond to my comment:)

  6. i m watching these videos again and again…why did you guys stop making reviews…this is some good shit..you guys are just awesome…i laughed so much…

  7. at 3:46 the kids must be from Maharashtra observe their smirk when they say 'YZ' – yedzavya….(means stupid fucker)

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