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Mother! – Movie Review


Darren Aronofsky is back giving us a mind twist of a character story. Layered with metaphor and no image goes to waste. Here’s my review of MOTHER!

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  1. It’s a good movie but kind off started to piss me off towards the middle of the movie, I mean their reactions were not real, I know it a movie but nobody in this world will react all nicely and do nothing if u have a lot of people fucking up your house. I was expecting more realistic reactions from her!

  2. It’s a good movie, but it’s near the end where I feel it sort of falls apart, it’s certainly a film that is worth seeing at least once

  3. Fuck u…. What is this movie.?? Fuck every one who liked it without understanding a damn thing……

  4. Whew. That was a bloody powerful movie. Hits you body hard and makes you think. Movies like this need to be given a chance- or else we are left with cookie cutter blockbusters or pretentious Oscar baits.

  5. Though a great movie, I knew it would flop in the box office, because you know there are a lot of people who hold their religious beliefs dearly, and can't even entertain the idea of their religion in bad light.

    That's what got from it – Javier Bardem is god and Jennifer Lawrence is mother earth, Adam and Eve, Cain and Able, etc… However, I knew with it's accurate portrayal of the bible, too many people would be too offended and/or too stupid to comprehend it; especially when they're indoctrinated to never question their own religion… So, of course, if someone tells you it's not all sunshine and rainbows, therein lies the conflict; many people will not be happy, but that doesn't discount the truth of this movie.

    This is just another case that not all great movies reflect in the box office; I've seen shitty movies rake in the cash, and great movies go completely unnoticed… So what? Contrary to the box office and people's religious beliefs, Mother! is a solid portrayal of the bible.

    I dig it.

  6. I have two things to say about this movie. First, Javier and Jennifer both delivered some solid performances. Second, Jennifer was part of the audience (at least in my opinion), because she and I had the same look on our faces throughout the movie, just wondering WTF is going!!!

  7. This was by far the worst movie I’ve seen this year. The third act was the exact same thing over and over again for an hour. It was unbearable.

  8. Mother was such a powerful film! I just watched it and wow!!!! You’ll either love it or you’ll hate it

  9. Just watched it, it's the most messed up weirdest film I have ever seen. If you are going to watch it, then watch it all the way to the end, otherwise this film might mess you up trust. it's like what the heck, I'm usually fine with horror films this shiz was insane

  10. Love when movies piss off the bible thumping, religitard pieces of shit.

    I feel like this movie is so good that its pathetic to hate on it. Shows how sheepish you are listening to all the critics. Pathetic.

  11. Critics will inhale any rotten fart that brands itself as art and say
    its 'complex' and 'unique' these days. It wasn't complex, it was
    predictable and cliché. The story writing was so sloppy it frequently forced illogical character behavior and circumstances to occur. The movie was
    unsatisfying and not worth spending even a minute watching. Overall it
    was a pretentious steamy hot shart and should not be viewed by anyone
    under any circumstances.

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