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Motorbike GPS Navigation – Cell Mobile phone Mount Review – Iphone Google Maps or Samsung Smartphone


Go to http://craigbrockie.com/motorcycle-gps to get a GPS cell cellular phone mount for your motorcycle for less than $20.

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In this video, Craig Brockie reveals you how easy and economical it is to get GPS on your motorcycle by setting up a mount for your clever cellular phone. Google Maps, Apple Maps and Android Places can show you show you the way to your desired destination.

Samsung Galaxy Note, Apple Iphone, Blackberry, HTC, Sony Ericsson, LG and Nokia clever phones are all capable of GPS navigation and all can mount on the handlebars of your motorcycle.

It suits most brand names including Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Ducati, Harley Davidson, BMW and Triumph—no matter whether sportbike, cruiser or touring bike.

GPS navigation for your motorcycle does not have to be highly-priced. For rapid visits about the town, your battery will be additional than adequate to get you from A to B with this intelligent cell cellular phone mount.


  1. Craig any chance you could do a review on the Velocity Clip smartphone mount for bikes? It is totally universal so it will hold any smartphone with or without any protective case and the bike mount is also totally universal. 
    Check them out: http://www.velocityclip.com

  2. Hi Craig. Nice review. Looks like a sturdy mount. How is it while riding? Any vibrations? I've actually recently written a similar article on this subject. It's a bit more generic, but thought it might be useful for the people viewing your video. Feel free to give it a read: http://www.motomappers.com/blog/iphone-motorcycle-gps-8-things-to-consider/ 

    I'm using a life proof case in combination with their bicycle mount on my motorcycle. Works quite good, but I don't like that my iPhone has to stay in the case all the time (since it's quite a drag to put it in and take it out every time). 

    Hope you find it useful.
    Be safe and Enjoy the Ride!

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