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Movie Review: Orphan, The Most Unsettling Horror Movie Since The Exorcist


If you love scary freaky movies that melt your brain with their shockingly unexpected ending, then I’ve got a great one for you. This is a review of the movie “Orphan,” and it delivered a psychological punch much stronger that I’d expected when I sauntered into the theater.

This contains a few spoilers, so be careful when you read this. I’ll leave the shocking ending for you to discover on your own. It will not only send chills down your spine, but I guarantee you’ll never see it coming.

Our tale starts with a normal family with two happy and healthy kids, who all live in a beautiful house in a secluded wood. They really want a third child, but due to some complications, the mother can’t get pregnant. Their youngest girl has gone deaf due to some horrible accident that happened earlier. They have an older boy who seems to be a normal kid.

After discussion the matter at length, they decide to adopt. They pay a visit to the friendly neighborhood orphanage, filled with happy kids and helpful nuns. They meet up with a young girl named Esther, who is from Russia, who speaks with a slight Russian accent. She is very well mannered, and an expert painter. When they find her, she is not downstairs playing with the other children, she is upstairs by herself, painting one of her beautiful paintings.

When they talk it over a bit, they decide to make her part of the family. They take her home, and she gets on pretty well with the two kids. Because she dresses a little strange by contemporary American standards, she gets picked on at school rather harshly. This is the first example of Esther being something slightly different from a normal.

Esther hides in one of pieces of playground equipment, and jumps out and pushes the girl who teased down below. The girl falls and breaks her leg.

More and more incidents happen, and the mother begins to suspect that Esther is not what she appears. She does some checking, and has some trouble finding out exactly where Esther came from. She searches Esther’s room, and finds an old bible filled with pictures of middle aged men.

The chief nun from the orphanage pays a visit to the family house, which is conveniently located in the middle of nowhere, and Esther kills her as she is leaving. She pushes the younger sister out in front of the nun’s car, causing the nun to careen off and crash into the shoulder.

Esther threatens her younger sister not to mention this to anybody, as the same thing will happen to her. Later on, Esther sets he sights on the brother, and nearly kills him as well, sending him to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the father is convinced it’s all a misunderstanding, and the mother, who had a previous drinking problem, has been hitting the bottle again. They fight, and separate. The shocking finale is delivered with the father alone at home with Esther, and brother in the hospital, and the mother frantically searching for Esther’s true origins. She finds out the truth, just as Esther is at home with the father. It becomes a race, for the mother to get home in time, now that she knows the horrible truth about Esther’s true origins.

There is one particular horrifying (or awesome, depending on how you look at it) scene where the father also discover something unsettling when he ventures into her room, and notices the real, hidden meaning of her paintings. This one scene alone is worth the price of the DVD rental.

If you love psychological movies that have a seriously messed up twist in the end, you’ll love “Orphan.” It does have some scenes with some pretty graphic violence, so if that’s not your cup of tea, give this one a pass. Otherwise, this movie is great fun.

By George Hutton

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