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Movie reviews, Awesome Weekend & PS3 vs 360


I are still living 😀

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  1. Depends on what games you like really I ended up getting a 360 about a year ago cause i wanted to play Mass Effect and Gears of War and also Fallout 3 was better on 360. I havn't gotten red ring yet but i think its because i've been installing the games on the Harddrive which keeps the system cooler.

  2. Xbox has been good about fixing our xboxes we've had if they get the red ring. If you like RPGs Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Mass Effect are excellent. I don't know if any of those are on the PS3. The xbox is cheaper (unless you want an elite), and like a previous commenter said, if you download the games to the hard drive they run smoother and cooler. I of course would suggest getting both, but I'd get the xbox first. As I said on facebook, I do want a PS3 eventually anyway, so I'm not knocking it.

  3. wb tori 🙂
    I saw an 'unofficial' copy of 2012 and it's pretty awesome!

    I let my relatives check out the god of war 3 demo and they were blown away lol

    I would strongly advise a PS3 😉 for several reasons

    1. it's awesome
    2. see reason #1
    3. xbox uses dvd's which is lame, dumb and outdated.
    4. came out a full year before the PS3 and they still can't give a better price drop than the PS3?
    5.the 360 has over-priced proprietary hard drives.
    and of course online.. to pay or not to pay.

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