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Moving to Hawaii Book – Part 3 (Amazon Book Chapter Review)


This is Part #3 of the Moving To Hawaii book chapter review from AimforAwesome.com. Author Vern Lovic reviews the positives and negatives about living in the most beautiful place on the planet – the Hawaiian Islands.

Find the UPDATED for 2015-2016 Book at AMAZON – http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0131WAWWE

If you are intrigued and find you need more information – the book is at Amazon, as mentioned, or, you can come to http://AimforAwesome.com and see another 200+ Hawaii-focused articles to help you decide whether or not you would be wise to Move To Hawaii!

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  1. The 2012 books is out already. The 2013 book is coming, maybe another month. I have SO much new stuff to add. There is a possibility I'll make the 2012 book free once I release the 2013 book. Check it out at AimforAwesome (website) on the top right side of every page. Will be there when finished.

  2. my inlaw just moved there and he had his water pump stolen from the side of his house by some meth heads

  3. haha wow how sad but i laughed cause there is a meth epidemic going on there… real devastating though they probably had no idea what they were doing

  4. love your personality! I'm planning on moving there, I'm in hotel management/ sales. moving single person, I'm going to purchase you're book, everything I'm searching for you mention!! thank you so much!! hopefully all things work out for me!

  5. On O'ahu, you can get the best prices & quality produce at the Chinatown markets. Sometimes the local grocery stores can cost THREE times as much! A Costco and/or Sam's Club membership helps as well.

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