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Mum Reviews 3DS XL – Charger, Screens, Shell Quality (FGTV 2.13)


We catch a gaming mom’s first reactions to the 3DS XL. She reviews the new format, is surprised at the lack of a battery and generally impressed by the big screens. Likes the looks and feel.

All game footage used with permission of publishers and available online.
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  1. The resolution is actually pretty good. I don't think you'll be dissapointed on that front.

  2. it is 40 dollars more in us and charger comes with how much more in dollars is it and how much is the charger

  3. I'm getting it in 6 days on my birthday 🙂
    A man I know might get m mariokart7 for a birthday present.

  4. Nintendo has screwed itself. No matter what, every handheld Nintendo releases now must have 2 screens and 3d support.

  5. Do you have a 3DS already? If not the 3DS XL is a good option I think. That said, I'm sure there are plenty of games on the Blackberry that will be worth a look. Let us know what you decide. Keep watching and commenting.

  6. They will certainly release more colours for the 3DS XL. I'm after a all White one that they sell in Japan, rather than the two-tone UK versions. Although the Blue one is really nice.

  7. Perhaps we'll see another Gameboy one day? Do you use the Virtual Console on the 3DS, is that an alternative?

  8. If you haven't already, you should try Mutant Mudds in the eShop a great combination of classic game and 3D screen. Not too much money either.

  9. Wow you are making me wish I was a child again! That's quite some list you have there. No firm date on Animal Crossing 3DS I think. Which 3DS XL accessory pack then?

  10. Its not even trolling, he is blatant and offensive. Real trolling is slowly winding someone up all while staying within the realm of beliveability.

  11. There not worth the price I love my small one this is no portable like the 1st generation

  12. They won't release a 3DS with a second analog stick it would alienate the people with a 3DS already. There are too many games that wouldn't take advantage of having dual analog sticks, it's not a Vita. Plus Nintendo are making a load selling the circle pad pro.

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