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My new Xbox 360 Jasper Rgh Modded Console Unboxing


Hey Men. My names THE RAFFTER from TTG and I just want to do a rapid online video to display you’s my unboxing and proof online video of my new modded xbox 360 jasper rgh console. I purchased my console from JTAG GAL


  1. its not letting me log into TTG I Made an account but then when i put the new password i made it says invalid login

  2. Hi mate i want to get my own xbox 360 rgh console but i dont no no one could you help me out

  3. +The Raffter If you have gta5 can you do me a money drop please? i would like to buy the new dlc stuff

  4. Not going to lie, but you are really annoying the way you talk. Sorry but you are

  5. I use to run so many lobbies back in the day of mw2… Good old days. Accept mine didn't come with the xex menu or an codes for the modded lobbies. All had to be downloaded after the purchase. You lucked out their mate.

  6. ayy hit me up bro add me on xbox Surreal AuraYT I'm trynna troll people hmu if u wanna do a video I have 208 subs

  7. If you guys have Facebook and would like a right my friend sell the and and his Name on Facebook is Deadz Zerbo

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