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My problem with the Pilot: Hazbin Hotel (REVIEW)


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Hi! For this video I really wanted to throw my hat in the ring. This really isn’t a full in depth review IMO and rather just an analysis on the issues many people have pointed out but have yet to discuss more thoroughly. I absolutely did not want to talk about the twitter drama in this video since I think it’s dumb. This was mostly created so that I can kick off a video series that I would really like to do that covers more lesser known pilots and web series on the internet! Anyways, hope you all enjoy the video!

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  1. Since I'm getting an influx of comments telling me Alastor doesn't say the n-word. I know he doesn't? That entire bit of the video was satire. I'm acutely aware that the character is mixed. That entire part of the video was a joke. AND- the joke was not that Alastor should say the n-word. It was poking fun at Hazbin Hotel stans. The point of the joke was to exaggerate what people want the show to do (pushing the envelope and all that, because hell) but also acknowledging that your fave is a bad person. I made it clear through my break in character and change of editing that it was a separate bit from the overall video.

  2. I can actually answer why the first part of the pilot was all over the place with their segments. They held a podcast on one of their YouTube channels with all of cast members as the creators explained that they wanted the show/pilot to be chaotic and crazy, similar to cartoons from the early 2000s such as Invader Zim and Ed Edd n Eddy. Other than that your review is very understandable and very useful for the creators since being a story writer myself having feedback is very important so I can take what I have heard and apply the necessary changes to the stories I’m writing.

  3. I love how people don’t think of that this animation took 4 years to make but instead of that there is something wrong with the intro and the phone call 😂😂😂

    And I’m not gonna lie “racist” alistor wouldn’t fit on him (my opinion)

  4. I really like this video
    A lot of people made a "This show has some problems to it" and did really bad explaining why it's bad or they hate it. But you did an amazing job at it explaining how it should be fixed. You said what you think it's best and I'll respect that.
    And the part Alastor saying The N-word. He wouldn't say it. I mean maybe out of a joke maybe but he wouldn't do it.
    BUT nOw if he was killing someone or eating someone (he was a cannabinol) he would call them the N-word out of rage or evily so idk that's my thougHt oehwwe
    doN't hAte

  5. Comedy is dead, so honestly what can you expect, especially with such a sensitive generation…you really just can't risk it nowadays.

  6. I personally don't like the style for the show. I've said this on dozens of other videos, but I'm tired of bright, neon pink and purple, Sailor Moon wannabe animation. I also don't like how every character is overly-designed and has WAY too much detail. Detail is nice, for still images. Imagine animating all the characters and stuff in Hazbin, like good lord, those poor animators. Sometimes less is more. It just comes off as eye vomit. I get a headache looking at everything.

  7. Look sister I don’t know what you are talking about but do you have any idea how long it took to create an anime like that.

  8. I had high hopes for hazbin hotel it was so new and creative, and when it was released I was blown away🤩 it was incredible the design of the world and the characters all have such unique personalities! It’s received so much praise heck it’s already gotten 24 Million view! You know how crazy that is thousands of videos take YEARS to get over a million views let alone more. That being said I loved the video however I was kind confused to with the passing and introducing but I’m giving it a fare change because it’s a series not a more so hopefully the world and how it works and it’s characters.

  9. My issue when watching this was that I didn’t understand some of the scenes because they happened too fast without explanation. I was so lost when the snake villain dude( mr pent was it?) was fighting with cherry bomb and I didn’t even know why they where fighting but yeah the animation was pleasing to look at and the color scheme but in terms of writing they could’ve given more explanation of what was going on

  10. Truthfully I love this except for the beginning. You see Angel dust, he grabs his drugs. Then BOOM, the attack happens. The whole turf war goes on and leaves you in suspense of what the fuck just happened. Que the news scene

  11. In my view, Hazbin Hotel is a great show. Now what Makes this show great is the fact that it takes place in a location were the worst of the worst go. No political correctness, No Right and Wrong, just a world were Pain and Suffering is King. As Alaster once said, " THE INHUMANITY." In a World were people have to watch what they say, this Pilot holds no bars. They say what they want and not care. Why is this? Because it's Hell, where hurting others is celebrated. Were being offensive is a daily thing. It's a place were a Disney Princess is Born in the wrong place and time. What truly makes this Pilot great is the fact that Charlie (Disney Princess), has HOPE for others even though they did something wrong in their other life.

  12. Looking at the thumbnail yes as much as I love has been Hotel they could definitely work on staging cuz sometimes there certain scenes where you don't know where to look cuz background characters are still like moving around they could do that by making the background characters movements way more subtle cuz in a cartoon you want to lead the audiences I and sometimes I just feel like I don't know where to look

    and they can work on pacing sometimes things move a little too quickly except when it comes to the musical parts those are perfect but when it comes to the story part they could slow things down a little bit cuz I know what the thing is already like 40 minutes long but they could definitely work on the pacing to give audience time to like possets what's happening other than that I love what they're doing and where they're taking it I do love the music and the musicals they're perfect cuz when it comes to that kind of pacing it works in a musical so the songs are perfect in the musicals are phenomenal and it makes sense but when it comes to the story part they could slow things down just a bit other than that I love it love your channel by the ways hope your doing good

  13. I see hazbin hotel on mondays and hella boss on Mondays to but on another Monday like a week then why Mondays because Monday are actual hell

  14. I dunno I feel like you should have critiqued the pilot as an ANIMATOR because you really hammered that in at the beginning, but then proceeded to basically just critique the writing. You're not a writer so why are you critiquing the way the show was written and presented? Just seems odd. A lot of your critiques seemed really strange and tbh as someone who went in watching Hazbin Hotel, those things didn't stick out to me.

  15. I really like how you explain all of it in a way i can really understand and see your reasoning and i hope you review more

  16. Good review but bad video this is the ugliest background character I seen, if your gonna judge art at least make your own watchable

  17. Great review! You were right about the beginning. I was like, ”Huh?” the whole time until the newscasters basically explained everything to me.

  18. A slight nit-pick for me: in many scenes in the pilot the animation seems stiffer than usual, like the characters are trying to move fast but were slowed down. I know that nobody can animate exactly the same way another person can, and that Vivzie has an animation team with multiple people, but they should really try to improve their proportions and character expression.

  19. I finally broke down and watched it. It was fine, I guess. A lot of the jokes weren't all that special, and pretty predictable. I really got into it with Radio Demon, Nifty, and Huckster… I'd actually rather see that series. Obviously, it's just a pilot, but I don't think, at the current rate of the jokes/characters that I will stay too interested.

    Edit: After listening to you describe the opening, I have to agree. It would make the reveal that the "First rehabilitated customer" being Angel Dust getting involved with the turf war a lot more surprising. You see him get out of the car after a 'job' to then him picking up drugs leaving us to know beforehand that he's clearly not co-operating with his rehabilitation. Which is supposed to be the funny twist reveal when he's involved with the turf war later. Jokes he makes, later on, reveal to us that he's promiscuous, and they could have shown him abusing drugs later as well, so we wouldn't have missed a lot from his intro in the first minutes.

  20. Your dumb “joke” killed the pacing and it’s arrogant of you to think that saying “I thought I made it clear with a style change” has got to be one of the most pretentious things I’ve seen in awhile. Work on that

  21. Subscribed. Honest and fair review, that gives positives and negatives, and even gives suggestions for how it can be improved. 10/10

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