Home Game Review Naruto Shippuden: The Board Game Review – with Tom Vasel

Naruto Shippuden: The Board Game Review – with Tom Vasel


Tom Vasel takes a look at this cooperative game based on Naruto!

BGG link here: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/195253/naruto-shippuden-board-game

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  1. I'm always surprised at peoplep who haven't heard of Naruto… but it's fairly reasonable for Tom, being so deep in board games with little incentive to be into Anime much less epicly long Anime like Naruto, to be unaware of the source manga/anime.

  2. Was so excited for this game when I heard of it a few months ago. But it just doesn't excite me. It seems like a worse version of Pandemic. 🙁

  3. Those were fair criticisms. The game does appear very repetitive on subsequent playthroughs. I plan on getting the game purely on theme. It seems like the first decent Naruto game that can be played solo. I'll just house rule where the Akatsuki goes based off a D8 roll. Enjoyed the review.

  4. Wow, just shock that the boardgame actually isn't as good as I expected to be. It looks shallow. Not that I'm complain about the randomness with dice, but where's the ninja tools token or card (like shuriken card, or maybe tenten with her ability to summon shinobi weapon from her scrolls)? And no chakra gauge that you must fulfill for greater ninjutsu? The PS game of naruto look way more better than this.

  5. Thank you for the review Tom. Naruto fan here and it is good to know that this is a pass. I would love if they would make a good Naruto game. Is there any chance for you to review the Naruto Shippuden Deck-building Game from Cryptozoic?

  6. Heh…some might say that even the board game has filler episodes 😉 But cool theme-ing for those enemy cards special abilities matching the show.

  7. "I have not heard of this cartoon." CARTOON?!?!

    You're lucky I love you, Tom. I stuck through the video despite your egregious error!

  8. Listening to Tom pronounce Japanese words is better than hearing people in JoJo swear in English.

  9. I reckon Naruto fans would like this more because the game sequence and characters would resonate with the story they know so well. Thanks for the review Tom. ps It's pronounced "Ah-KAHT-ski" 🙂

  10. Easy fix. Randomize areas 1-8. The only reason they are in that order anyway is because of the show. so roll a d8 or get some numbered note cards instead. Also, you can always home-rule that paralysis stuff. I'd just have the character die and the player has to start over with a new character. That'd just be my fix for it.

  11. I don't like this japantrash! So simple, so borring, so skippable. The japanese designers still has much to learn in board games!

  12. I watched naruto. Losing experience makes no sense unless it's suppose to be like a preventive measure to getting stronger even when you lose. This would make the game end quicker I guess. In the show, it took all 9 and they still failed so that might be why. As far as the sequence again, it's based on the show exactly. That's where the bad guys struck in the show. The same order too. I don't think chance should have played such a big factor. The show doesn't really indicate that. So maybe just a designer flounder there. Thanks for the review.

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