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Navion by Winnebago Itasca | Jules RV Consumer Review


After traveling to the San Francisco RV Resort in Pacifica, CA, Jules Wilson gives her RV Consumer Review of the 2016 Navion by Winnebago Itasca. You’ll learn what are Jules Wilson’s favorite and not so favorite features in this RV that is filled with luxury.

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  1. You should review Leisure Travel Vans Class B+. If you have a family of 4—-that will work for you!!!!

  2. Also, I need your input. I got family of 5. What should I do? Go with Class C or Class A. Class A will be a Vegas or Axis.

  3. For me, it isn't about someone explaining features; Which Rvs are rated best- most reliable. Who stands by their Rvs the most. Who makes the best constructed motor homes- and what makes them better….those are the things I wanna know

  4. Great review. I am impressed that you spoke about the cons. Most reviewers only talk about the pros.

  5. If Jules comes with the Rv then i'll take two. These Winnebago's have amazing interiors. There are a lot of Rv's that still implement the cheap hotel look to their interiors, these have a luxury modern look to them.

  6. Nice RV… Why don't they ever show the inside with the slide out closed? Then they can demonstrate how it opens up. I'm always wondering how much room there is when traveling.
    It looks like ipen space on the bottom right of the half closet. If the shelf has an accordion hinge, you can have the option for half the closet to be full length..

  7. women always i say always have got to Bitch about something, i agree with Wayne117 not this chick

  8. You could always use that upper bunk area to lay down your clothes that you can't fit in the attic

  9. Add a full tank gas and a few items for two people and your at max gvw. If u have a lot of stuff your illegally overweight

  10. Good review Jules. It appeared to me it had a microwave or a convection oven as well? It looked like it was pretty high up though and may not be practical for use by many women
    I would have liked to see the outside storage, if it was able to handle kids bikes, skate boards, barbecue, etc. Thank you.

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