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Need for Speed Most Wanted Xbox 360 Review – Video Review



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  1. Four years ago?
    IGN were making more professional reviews by then and Most Wanted for PC at least came out in 2005

  2. This game is really good. But Carbon is better, although it is shorter it's just better mainly because the story isn't so cliché like Need For Speed Most Wanted is. The only reason NFS MW was longer is because there were more races to go through, what people claim is "Carbon is so short" well so what? Does it matter how long the game is? I'm not hatin I like this game but Carbon is just better.

  3. The last greatest NFS ever made. I personally loved this and NFS 3: Hot Pursuit. My two favourite racing games of all time!! Hope they do a remake.

  4. This game was made in 2005, but the Graphics were waaaay better than shown in this video…

  5. I don't think they understand how good this game was… at times those police chases could last for up to 20 minutes, nd those police were vicious. they would box you in nd kill ur mojo u thought u had. I remember many times where I was bitter cause I'm about to get my car impounded for good and I run up nd turn off my xbox 360 cause all the hours I put in for them to take my best car out was a big waste. u should be pissed u should want to kick ur console. video games they make now are PXSSY wtf that last SxIT they put out last was a huge embarrassment. yes the cut scenes were corny but this game had the best physics behind it when I think it came down to who is the better driver nd not cheater. I wanna see you try to cheat on this game… it was litterally impossible to trade paint with cars and gain the lead. but neways lol… I'm done with my rant. thnks 4 reading

  6. Nice video m8. But I have a question. How to get this nfs on xbox 360. It's not even in shop(

  7. Wtf? Only just discovered this was also released on 360! Kept hearing how its THE best ever nfs so got it other week for my original xbox. Played it a bit and am loving it but now im going to get 360 version

  8. As things stand, burnout 3 takedown is my greatest ever driving game but look forward to seeing if nfsmw 05 beats it

  9. Why does everyone see this as the second coming of Christ? It's overrated. FM2 was better.

  10. Just played this for 12 hours today. This was the best NFS title ever. Always will be. Someone tell EA a remaster this or next gen would be nice, Or at least a digital re release for X Box One / PS4.

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