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Nemesis by Jo Nesbo Book Review


Nemesis begins with a startling surprise and does not let up throughout the 500 pages in this book. During a bank robbery, the manager is given only twenty-five seconds to fill a bag with money. The bag was not full within the twenty-five seconds and the hostage was executed.

Police Detective Harry Hole is called in to do the investigation. The bank robberies continue and Beate Lonn joins Harry in the investigation. The one thing that makes this investigator a special addition to this case is the fact that Beate never forgets a face.

Harry has some problems of his own. While his current love is away, he accepts an invitation from a former girlfriend. He really should not have done this but figured it was “just for old time’s sake”. Harry has no memory of what happened that night – all he knows is that same morning Anna is found shot to death in her bed. What is going on? Is someone trying to frame Harry?

Are Harry and Beate able to solve this case?

This book is filled with very interesting and complex characters. With the turn of each page the reader will get more engrossed in the story. Jo Nesbo’s writing style has a way of capturing the reader and not letting them go until the conclusion of the story. Just when you think you have everything figured out, you will be fooled. The suspense and fast pace continue throughout the almost 500 pages of this book. I look forward to more books by Jo Nesbo.

By Nancy Eaton

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