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New XBOX 360 Limited Edition 320GB Console Bundle | Star Wars


This video will show you the new Star Wars limited edition console which will be released , The new console features a limited 320GB Hard Drive with a ‘Star Wars skin on the the console itself. It has a custom Star Wars ‘beep’ noise when turning on the console and ejecting the disc tray. Also it comes with the New XBOX 360 wireless controller which features two different D-pads for ease of use. Not sure about you guys but this console looks pretty stunning from my view. Give it a like if you like.

I do not own this video.
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All credit goes to Major Nelson and Microsoft.

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  1. @1994cfc Maybe cos' ALL my Subscribers are XBOX LiVE users? meaning they're pro's while you and your crew are still Ground 360'ing for the last killcam LOL. Thank You and good night n00b.

  2. @1994cfc Sorry didn't mean to offend you , Most of the pro's are on XBOX Live cos' Machinima took a survey and they had discovered that XBOX LIVE user's are much more challenging/Competitive than PSN users. I'm not sure if it was machinima that took the survey but a survey was took and XBOX Live won. I still have respect for PSN users since I own one but I just don't experience the same amount of 'FUN' as I do on my XBOX 360, However PS3 have quite a lot of awesome features.

  3. Its a shame that it looks a bit on the cheap side but the white kinect does looks amazing. the blue light and the sounds are just crazy,and do you know how much the bundle will cost and when it will be released

  4. @MrHownottodostuff Yes I don't think there's enough detail on the Console and the white kinect does look pretty beast. Unfortunately a release date hasn't yet been confirmed however the price is £350 in Europe. Hope that helps and I'll keep you up to date info about this and release date if subscribed , Thanks <3

  5. Can u buy a 320 gb harddrive seperatley. I hate my 4gb harddrive. But im not coming out the pocket for just the harddrive.

  6. How dare these motherfuckers man I just bought a slim not to long ago. An if I would have waited I could have got this. Damn

  7. @MaggyandStepps It hasn't been released yet, but if your a subscriber you will automatically receive a mail from TheTheatreOfCoD confirming the store/website that the Star Wars Console will be sold on with a date of release.

  8. @TheTheatreOfCoD How about a pre-order. Play-Asia and Amazon UK DO NOT HAVE IT. Please PM me link or add it to description

  9. I'm not a star wars fan, but the console and the kinnect look terrible… although the controller i would like to own

  10. thats awesome idc how much it is do u know when it's coming out the website to buy it and how much it will cost in Canada

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