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Ninja Gaiden II: Dark sword of chaos Game Review (Nes/Wii)


Ninja Gaiden 2: Dark Sword Of Chaos Game Review! Ninja Gaiden II was a great game. December 5th is Ninja Day so Happy Ninja Day 2007! Ninja Gaiden II is on the Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Channel for just 500 Wii points. Thanks for checking out my review and happy Ninja Day Hiyahhhhh! Fzero is next!

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  1. I don't know if this changes on the Wii version, but the "wind level" has wind that changes with the direction of the white dots in the air. it's very easy to see, therefore, when it's blowing your way. The screens posted here show a disappearing Ryu, sometimes replaced by his clones, which should never, ever happen. So, perhaps this is a fault of the Wii port. This isn't how the game should look, originally.

  2. It predated Castlevania by about four years… So, guess, if anything, castlevania looks a lot liek this, hm?:p

  3. In Japanese, the 'a' always makes an 'ah' sound and the 'i' makes a 'ee' sound. So, 'ai' sounds like the English word 'eye'. So 'Ninja Guy-den' would be correct.

  4. I just bought this game today, i skipped the first one though, only because 18 years ago, i actually never bought the first one! I have only played 2 & 3.

  5. caca I think notI It is a great game franchise, and without it, we may not have games like mgs4. Plus the power ups made this game worth buying, not to mention the imposible difficulty on the anciant ship of doom. If you won that game, you had something to brag about.

  6. Whoa relax buddy. i never said the game sucked. i have them all. i said theyre the same caca, which means they are all almost identical to each other in terms of gameplay. hope that clears up any misunderstandings

  7. Dunno if this was already pointed out, but the wind level…the wind is random. It's blowing in the direction of the snow, and it changes.

  8. hmm he can climb up any wall, 5so it feels more like a ninja *or something along those lines u said* altho, ninjas cant climb everysingle thing… infact they would fi9nd it hard 2 do most

  9. there saying sonia is irene…. but it said in this vid "dont die irene" also in the recent ninjas kasumi is ryus love

  10. @TheNesArchive

    Hmmm I don't know. Rock has a buster canon and can teleport. But Ryu H is a Ninja with Ninja Powers and a magic sword… to tough to call.

  11. This is one of my favorite games for the NES, along with Double Dragon II and Mike Tyson's Punch Out. All thrre of those get my 10/10 rating. I'm surfing through your reviews and I have yet to find a DD2 or a MT'sPO review. Guess I'll just have to keep searching XD. Love your reviews!!!

  12. you are wrong….. 10/10…. you cant use the sword?…. you are the bad gamer… is your fault… this game is perfect .

  13. @frajaos yes!
    i totally agree. ninja gaiden is the test of a true ninja. you need expert timing, which will seperate the master from the novice.

  14. 4:36 the gameplay is perfect, but u are a bad gamer…. you must see me play this game hahaha, maybe can be ur teacher, i finish this game with a life, the ninja gaiden 1 too, and the ninja gaiden 3 with 3 lifes,,, i must play it again… long time ago since i was a adolescent πŸ™‚

  15. @BlackFuryFx Get Megaman 2, it is the best of the series, at least i think so, in the other hand, ninja gaiden 2 is not as good as ninja gaiden 1 or 3.

  16. About the wind level you mentioned: I don't know if it's different on the Wii downloaded version, but the NES version was like this: the wind, represented by those dots, goes either left, right, or neutral. It changes every few seconds, but there's a pattern. You just watch for it. It's not supposed to follow your jumping direction. You jump with the wind when it changes to the direction you need to be jumping at, or is neutral.

  17. @BlackFuryFx
    Great decision. πŸ˜‰

    Heh, I got Ninja Gaiden II for the NES brand new for under $6… because I think I purchased it at a Wal-Mart in 1997. XD They kept marking it down but never properly clearanced it or something, so it was almost always tucked away. Finally I had $6 spare bucks (horrible spendthrift, alright? XD) when I remembered it was still there and BAM. Got it.

  18. Was that music at the beginning from Naruto? Naruto is my favorite show and manga ever. although I hate the dubbed english voices so I try to find the original japaneze voices.

  19. @theretrogamer14 the actual us version had the blood, kinda surprising it passed censorship

  20. never mind I was replying to a different video. Back in the day, Nintendo only censored Christianity stuff in games. Like crosses, biblical references. By Mortal Kombat gore started to get censored the most on Nintendo.

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