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Nintendo 3DS 20 Game Review Part 1 Naruto Steel Diver Rabbids Sports Island + More Cool !!


First Part of my HUGE 20 Nintendo 3DS Game compilation reviews. Seven games in Part 1 including Naruto Shippuden and Sports Island. Part 2 & 3 to follow soon. PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE JUST BRIEF MINI REVIEWS OF THE GAMES I will still be doing full reviews on most of my games .

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  1. "A washing machine of corse" lmao! And is the frame rate issue in asphalt 3D bad or not?

  2. Please make more of theses
    Videos. And a little advice (try playing the game while you talk

  3. @bigboogia Well I tried that but because they are mini reviews I couldnt do that I kept messing up and running overtime . I dont have a microphone at the moment so I couldnt recored the gameplay and then the speech afterwards

  4. Asphalts graphics on the 3DS is terrible. First off its a port of the mobile versions so therefore you know straight away that it was rushed for release.

  5. @squirm13
    I liked it initially but then soon realised it was pretty repititve and boring which is a shame , there a few good bits in it but really I could only recommend you get it if you find it really cheap somewhere

  6. @ecartman12
    Well I definately think its worthing gettinmg at a low price £15-00 or less

  7. @latest3dsgames I played asphalt on my DS Lite and it is a good game but if it's a port of the mobile versions then I would rather play it on my iPod Touch rather than paying 4-5 times as much to purchase it for my 3DS.

  8. @FibrousAcquiescence
    Lots of trade in of my old stuff and some were birthday presents. I think I bought about 6 with 'real' money

  9. @Tdafanclub
    My camera is quite good I didnt think it was too expensive at £200 its a JVC EVERIO HD camera

  10. i hated this game so much i paid alot for it when it come to trade it only got £3 for it hmmmmm

  11. @basshuter2007
    I think I can still get like £12 – £15.00 trade or £20 on ebay if I sold mine , which I am not going to anyway

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