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Nintendo 3DS 39 Game Mini Reviews Mario Kart 7 + Zelda + Resident Evil + More


A mini review of all of my games. This is just a quick opinion on all the Nintendo 3Ds Games I own in one video. Its just a bit of fun not a full on serious review, just a quick verdict on all the games .DONT FORGET TO THUMB UP THIS VIDEO IF YOU LIKE IT AND IF YOU LIKE MY CHANNEL DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE !

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  1. @huskiesghost i dont know about that. there are other games that had deeper 3d but no ghosting. might it be developers not knowing how to use it properly?

  2. @gamereviewsss It was by Namco, and I tried the Pac-Man game and it was perfect. Maybe first time.

  3. @TheQuicksilver160 I will have to wait and see I have run out of funds at present and am selling off some of my games to fund new ones.Hopefully I will.

  4. @latest3dsgames k, im getting ,mariokart 7 for christmas so we can go online together, your already in my friends list

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  6. @latest3dsgames

    Hahaha, but to be honest.. This is the ONLY video that's over 20 minutes that I can watch all the way through. lol

    Also, What do you think of Mario Kart 7?
    I was quite disappointed to be honest..

  7. I am only jealous of the EU releases of games when they have epic beauty box art like for Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D because the US box art for Zelda Ocarina of Time is muy meh!

  8. What's wrong with the save option in Resident Evil The Mercenaries? I'm planning on getting it.

  9. can somebody help me??how many castlevania games on nintendo DS and the 3DS?
    and can you play the DS games on the 3DS sistem?sorry for my english and very thanks for help.

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