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Nintendo 3DS Game Collection (2017)


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  1. Cool collection, but you should change your title to DS and 3DS collection man. Do you have a Wii U?

  2. Great video in the Sunday vlog can you tell my brother Greyson happy birthday I would be thankful

  3. Awesome vid David nice collectionIgnore all haters stay strong and positive have a nice day peace

  4. For Sunday vlogs David a good game for the ds I think you would like and should get if you find it cheap is little red riding hoods zombi bbq. It's a good 3rd person birds eye view zombie shooter game for the system. Great video David

  5. Great Video David. hey David, I want to get another gaming system. I already have a PS4. Should I get a 2DS or a PS3?? Which would you reccomend??

  6. Hey Dude, could you possibly give me your Nintendo 3ds Friend Code? It would be great if you could, but if not, I understand! 🙂

  7. It's refreshing to watch videos like this from a non pokemon player. I assumed that since there are no pokemon games from the ds and 3ds collection you have. I am not a big pokemon fan myself. ?
    This is the 1st video from your channel that I watched. I feel like you could lessen the "man" word you say. ?

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