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Nintendo 3DS Launch Titles in North America, AR Games Revealed and First 3DS Game Reviews


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Okay, so everyone’s been wanting to know the North American launch titles for the Nintendo 3DS and they’ve finally been announced. There’s no real surprises and people are still going to complain that there’s no Ocarina of Time, but the selection ain’t too bad.

So the games you’ll be able to play from day one include…

PilotWings Resort
Steel Diver
Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition
Nintendogs + Cats, available in three editions: Poodle, Golden Retriever and Bulldog.
Ridge Racer 3D
Samurai Warriors: Chronicles
The Sims 3
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D
Super Monkey Ball 3D
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars
Rayman 3D
Asphalt 3D
Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars
Bust-a-Move Universe
Madden NFL 11
Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D

…the biggest game that is missing is Dead or Alive: Dimensions. I’m not sure what’s happened with that one, but I have a feeling its been delayed. It should still come out soon after launch, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

One thing we won’t have to wait for is more information about the augmented reality games that are built into the Nintendo 3DS operating system.

We know about Target Shooting, and we know it’s awesome, but there are five other games, and pretty much all of the details have now been leaked.

First up is AR Shot, which is described as a game sort of like pool and miniature golf.

Just like in golf, the goal is to get a ball into a hole. But you must use a cue stick to do so.

What makes this so interesting though is the game “warps” the terrain and then places obstacles in your way, making it difficult to get the ball in the hole.

You’re also able to physically move around your environment to try and line-up the best shot, which should be quite amusing.

There’s also a fishing game known as “Fishing.”

The details are sort of vague, but basically the game allows you to transform your table into a fishing pond, and then you move your 3DS up and down as if it’s a fishing rod.

I’m sure there’s some scoring system, and a subtle trick that allows you to catch bigger fish, but we’ll just have to test it for ourselves.

Aside from that there are three pieces of software that are more applications rather than games.

“Graffiti” is a 3D drawing application, that has a bunch of different paintbrushes you can use and visual effects, such as fire. Once again though, it’s the type of thing we’ll have to see in person to fully grasp.

And the last two applications are very similar, which is a shame.

There’s Mii Pics and Star Pics.

Mii Pics allows you to take pictures of your Miis as if they’re standing in the real world, while Star Pics allows you to do the same thing, but with classic Nintendo characters instead.

Based on what we’ve seen these are probably the most gimmicky modes though.

And lastly we’ve got the first review scores for the Nintendo 3DS launch titles in Japan.

Nintendo takes the crown, with Nintendogs + Cats receiving the highest rating of any of the games. But 3rd party titles don’t do too bad either.

Samurai Warriors Chronicles, Street Fighter, Super Monkey Ball 3D, Ridge Racer 3D and Pro Evolution Soccer all scored well.

Puzzle Bobble and Combat of Giants didn’t do too well, but it’s just a few days away from the 3DS launch in Japan, so I’ll make sure to get plenty of hands-on time with the games myself.

Speaking of which, don’t forget about the Nintendo 3DS pizza party to celebrate the launch of the 3dS. You can watch this video for all the details, and keep checking back over the next couple of days. There are going to be a lot of videos very soon.

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  1. @moviemancreater Oh sorry the ds launched with super Mario 64 DS but the gamecube didnt launch with sunshine I'm sure

  2. @GalekC No man they aren't Smash brothers is a Nintendo fighting game….Not a mario game..Luigi's mansion is well not in the main mario series anyway

  3. @moviemancreater They're will be Mario games in the eShop at launch. They already announced Mario Kart 3DS and Paper Mario to come out for it as well.

  4. Super Streed Fight IV 3d edition
    Nintendogz + Catz
    Steel Diver
    Samuria Warriors Chronicles
    The Sims 3
    Madden NFL
    Ridge Racer 3D
    Pro Evolution Soccer
    Super Monkey Ball 3D
    Bust a Move Universe
    Tom Clancy's Seattle Wars
    Raymond 3D
    Lego Star Wars 3d The Clon Wars Ect…

  5. @equaltemper Go check out Resident Evil Revelations and the Metal Gear Solid 3D demo. And you should keep in mind that screenshots of games never look as good as actually seeing it firsthand. Also, I think some of these are still in development, and I think I should add that the some of the games shown here weren't really the games that would take full advantage of the 3DS' graphical capabilities anyways.

  6. @moviemancreater provolution is awesome if you like soccer you can trade and buy characters with in game money and try to win the cup.

  7. there is super mario games coming for nintendo 3ds these are just the ones that are close to come out

  8. @moviemancreater many mario games are coming out just not on launch
    super mario 3d….
    mario kart 3d…
    paper mario 3d….
    and others

  9. @chuckchuck11ify i laughed at the first 8 words and agree with u partially
    the launch titles do suck (besides super street fighter iv, the star wars game, and pilot.)
    however, you have to look into the futer
    super mario 3d
    mario kart 3d
    the 2 resident evil games, (revelations and the merceneries)
    the assassin's creed game
    and a lot of other good titles and those are only the ones that have been announced
    give it time, this is gonna be great

  10. wow the graphics look shitty the only one that looked good was streetfighter
    ds still cant beat psp not that i have one still….. but its definitley not worth buying
    3ds failed imo

  11. i thought metal gear and resident evil were both going to have launch titles? also does anybody know the actual release date in the us and what are these "ar cards" i've been hearing about?

  12. @moviemancreater
    im sure they r currently making super mario bros 3d of mariokart 3d or making past classic games 3d

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