Home Game Review Nintendo 3DS Product Features And Reviews – Do You Know You Can Browse Internet With 3DS?

Nintendo 3DS Product Features And Reviews – Do You Know You Can Browse Internet With 3DS?


Nintendo 3DS Product Features And Reviews:
The Nintendo 3DS system is more than just a leap forward in 3D gaming technology. It is also an incredibly robust entertainment device, with built-in features and applications that are accessible right out of the box.

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It is social. 3D photos, personalization, and wireless play make it easier than ever to share the fun. It is connected—more than any Nintendo system or console before it. And once you get your hands on the Nintendo 3DS system, you will find it hard to ever put it down.

Nintendo 3DS Camera:
Take amazing 3D photos with the built-in Nintendo 3DS outer cameras, and bring your memories into a whole new dimension. Then utilize a variety of lenses and tools, such as the Merge lens, Pinhole lens, or Graffiti tool, to add flair to your photo gallery.

Internet Browser:
Access the Internet with ease using the built-in Nintendo 3DS Internet Browser. Whether you want to check email or catch up on your favorite news site, it’s easy to view a variety of web pages right on your portable system—wherever there is a wireless connection*.

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  1. i just got a email that if i give my dsi to gamestop its only 100 dollars im taking that deal im taking it

  2. Ummmmmm OK. It's June 5th. Call it a hunch but I don't think Flipnote's coming in May. lolz jk jk

  3. There Is inchworm animation, but it's for the dsi, but available at the 3DS Shop. and what's better is you can do A LOT more stuff than you can with flipnote studio. like you can even make VIDEOS and stop motions and time lapses. and just like flipnote studio, drawing animations. even better! dozens of new colors!!! not just that ratty old red, blue, and black!!! so go buy yourself a inchworm animation at the nintendo e shop on 3ds!!! or, go spend nintendo points at the dsi shop!!! 🙂

  4. the light has never turned orange for me…. how does the friend thing work? and why is there no pictochat? 🙁

  5. i have one its good only because of the old ds games if you have a dsi theres no reason to get one yet

  6. The Nintendo 3DS is awesome everyone!! These are the reasons why 
    1.) 3D screen OR non-3D
    2.) It has Youtube
    3.) Internet browser allows Facebook and Twitter
    4.) Lots of new and updated apps
    5.) It has MII maker on it and you can download stuff from there to your WII
    5.) You can chat with friends
    And much more!! 

  7. leave it to nintendo to create something even better than what they just came out with

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