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Nintendo GameCube Console – Review


Review of Nintendo’s Gamecube console, which I feel was a bit underrated, but, you’ll just have to watch the video to see for yourself…
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  1. Great video overall, you had a lot of good points. However, I disagree with you in one area:

    Atari invented the analog stick, not Nintendo.

  2. i always thought that the gamecube was meant to be small so it wouldnt take up alot of space, and the same went for the disks.

  3. The Gamecube rocked son! I think Nintendo made the small disk because of piracy. I Still have my very first gamecube packaged with Mario sunshine. And you must be crazy to say the GC has weak graphics. And the controller Is so comfortable. Peace out.

  4. negative !! u think some stuff of it is stupid but not its just cool and awesome but with no usb ports

  5. I got mine for free from a family member who got a wii and didn't need the gamecube any more. 😀

  6. I have a ps3 gamecube wii xbox 360, xbox 360 sux and that's all the gamecube is one of the best systems I played compared to bo2

  7. i picked up a gamecube today for 15 bucks i have a wii . but shoot i guess imba collector

  8. My GameCube wasn't plagued with tech problems at all, the general consensus back then was it was built solid, with little problems. Plus the quality of games that came out were above average.

  9. Let's be honest the millennial generation is the baby boomer generation for gaming, we should be followed throughout our lives by the console manufacturers, just like the other industries followed and catered to the boomers. I think the manufacturers will catch on to this if they haven't already. We're going to be playing on a console while our kids are sitting on the couch playing on their phones and tablets. Isn't that why Nintendo isn't taken seriously in the U.S? Because they cater and try to grab the kids, when they should be doing what Sony and Microsoft are doing trying to cater to the millennial generation.

  10. How did the Gamecube had weak graphics? I'm a PS2 fanboy and even I know the PS2 had weaker graphics and I thought it had great graphics, well the PS2 graphics are still great and I won't say it has weak graphics either, but the GC's graphics are much stronger and only slightly weaker than the Original Xbox, at that time, people didn't give a fuck about graphics because they focus more on the gameplay and sometimes the story line, now all these morons today care about graphics and this Call of Duty crap. There was a reason why the PS2, the weakest system outsold the GC and Xbox, the PS2 had the most variety of video games and most of them were fun to play and had better exclusives, the Xbox exclusives have never been really successful and initially, sales were worse than the GC, but then, it later surpassed GC sales due to the success of Halo 2 and the GTA games that were originally for the PS2 were now available to the more powerful Xbox but it only surpassed GC sales by 2 million units. As for the GC, the Mario exclusives were the only GC exclusives that did well and like you said, the GC didn't appeal too much to the market as much as the SNES, GC and even the stupid Wii that can play 100% of all GC games. Back then, I always thought the GC would outsell the other consoles because that appealed a little more to kids although compared to the other Nintendo systems, it would appeal to the hardcore gamer like from the PS2 and Xbox, and also, it was more portable and $100 cheaper than the other 2 systems at the time. I had the PS2 and used to play it all the time, but I also had a younger cousin and sometimes, when my family goes to her house for a party or visit, my brother and I and some of my other cousins would play on her GC a lot and it was a very fun system as well and it was totally bad-ass. Super Smash Bros. Melee and Mario Kart Double Dash were the best games to play on the GC and those games were the epitome of how great that system was, they are much better than average if you ask me how would I rate them. The GC and Xbox would've had stronger launch sales if the 9/11 attacks didn't happen and those systems came out 2 months after the tragedy and the PS2 came out a year before. All the 6th gen still beats the newer consoles as of today.

  11. Actually, the XBOX only sold 2 million units more, and the PS2 was weaker in terms of graphics.

  12. I got my gamecube from a friend in 2015 because he didn't want it and i still have it

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