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Nintendo Wii Review – Tech Reviews


Checkcost’s review team review the Nintendo Wii.

Find out if the Nintendo Wii is right for you!

View funny clips of people experiencing the Wii for the first time.

See how our host looses weight, view his before and after pictures!

We compare the console against its competitors.

Drop in to www.checkcost.co.uk to find the cheapest prices available on the Nintendo Wii.

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  1. hi its a bit late but the ps3 acctualy is the best blu-ray player on the market has internet browser too and a ton more i think its more a multimedia system then a console the wii is more fun but damn the ps3 has power

  2. it puts the price down ! but it would be cool to have a dvd player with the wii for some ppl i have 1 anyway .

  3. @deccno i think now that i have got all best 5 console , ps3 /26th july 2009(india),x box360 arcade stackers machine(US),black wii from dubai 21 march2010, psp go shipped from (US)12 th feb 2010,nintendo dsi both brought on 24th december 2009 i have ds lite also both (dubai) (I DONT LIVE IN DUBAI) wii and dsi and the ps3 are they best

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