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Nissan Leaf Owner’s Review 18+ months After Purchase


Here is our follow-up on the initial review of the Leaf
when we bought it. Hope this offers some insights.

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  1. I have a first generation LEAF without seat and steering wheel heating so I was forced to use the heater which reduced my range by 35% or more in the winter. Thankfully the car and I have moved to a year around warm climate so this is no longer an issue.

  2. Hi Karen and Bob. Just wanted to tell you that your videos were the first I watched a year ago about the leaf. And after much research I ended up getting at 2015 last month. Love everything about it. Just wanted to thank you for your valuable videos. Thanks.

  3. thanks for all of the great information, after looking at some used leafs I noticed some wear on the drivers side door fabric. have you noticed any wear or staining in yours?

  4. Hi Karen and Bob, lets go and visit our friends who are holding their anniversary party.
    Only problem they live in the next state which is a three hour drive and over  200 miles away.
    Thats no problem i hear you say, well can i have a lift as my car is off the road.
    We can all go when i finish work.
    It will take us two days to get there i hear you say, well i am not taking a day off work especially for you.

    So ends the parable of the dazed and confused Muppet who thought they were saving the planet, except all they were doing is emptying their bank account with a utterly pointless car.

    Thankfully BMW has come to the rescue, with their very attractive alternative to the not very attractive Nissan Leaf
    Here in the Uk, the BMW I3 extended range addition, can travel close on 400miles on a full charge, now that is a realistic range from an all electric vehicle.
    It looks very futuristic, and turns heads where ever its parked.

    The Nissan Leaf has suddenly become an expensive mistake, when other manufacturers can produce a better car, for less money.

  5. Ok… So I am considering a leaf as my next car. But my question is how is yours holding up now? Thirty (30) months in to your electric car ownership? Any major complaints? How's the battery holding up? My commute is 22 mile to work and 22 back. I do have access to a charger at work (for now), but I figure I would need to have at least 50 mile driving range a day. Anyway, thanks for any answers you can provide and thanks for posting your video.

  6. I have owner a 2012 leaf and currently own the 2012 Ford Focus electric.
    I get about 15 miles more range with the Focus but there rated the same 75 miles, I averaged 80 with the leaf and 95 with the focus.
    The focus is more sporty and has a more premium feel to it but the leaf is quieter.

  7. What's your cost per mile for "fuel" over the 18 months? Any idea? 
    I'm surprised you say that if you want to save money get a Civic. From what I've penciled out, the Leaf is cheaper (especially if you buy a used Leaf).

  8. Hi guys, I've been doing some research regarding the Leaf and I find your videos very informative. My wife and I are considering getting a used 2012 Nissan Leaf with 22,000 miles as our 2nd vehicle for local commuting (we own a VW Jetta TDI for our long trips) Do you still have your Leaf? is it still performing well? let me know what you think please.

  9. Got a silly question…would it be possible to do a road trip in a Leaf? HOw does the recharge device work/look like?

  10. Electric vehicles and bicycles are the future………
    The sooner we transition to alternative energy sources like wind, solar and second generation biofuels made from cellulose, algae and waste the better……..

  11. I must have missed this pat…what type of warranty do you get with the car? The bumper to bumper warranty, and the warranty on the batteries and the engine. Is it EXTRA long? Or no? I would love to know how long it is if you get the car new? What about if you buy it used,is there still a warranty on the engine/batteries? Does Nissan tell you how long they SHOULD last before replacing them? I know that cant be cheap to replace. THAT could cost as much as all the gas you didnt use for years!

    Can you lt us know? And what is its range of the car, driving normally. and with the A/C on good and cold? About how long per FULL charge? i am a VERY short distance driver,and if i could afford a used one i might buy one,depending on the warranty info. Thank you.

  12. Sorry……forgot to ask if Nissan sells a model that doesnt have all those 'energy eating extras' , like heated seats/steering wheel, power seats, power windows?? All things that eat electricity in an electric car! Without them, it would make sense you would get more distance. All the actual bells and whistles the car makes, while nice to hear, do use up power. So if they were not there you would get more distance. I'm being picky I know.

    So the more powerful extras, like the electric/heated seats, it would save a lot of power if they didnt have them in a 'base' model. do they make one with less power eating options? Do you know? I like the solar panel on the roof, is that only on the SL model that has all the 'extras'. Probably why it is there. to help with all the extras added on. That consume the electricity.

  13. The Nissan Leaf looks ugly from every direction.
    If you must have an electric vehicle, BMW have the answer in their very attractive I3.
    Those suicide opening doors are seriously cool.

    The I3 looks futuristic, the Leaf looks dated.

  14. So helpful! I also own a prius and have been thinking about getting a leaf. The used prices right now are really affordable. I've been having "range anxiety" but I think I might be getting over it. Thanks for this review!

  15. Bob and Karen, thank you for sharing your experiences with your Nissan Leaf. I have been considering picking up a used Leaf, and your down-to-earth reporting has definitely helped me quite a lot. I hope you continue to enjoy your Leaf!

  16. Bob you had the car battery replaced at no charge. Wait till you need the car engine batteries replaced. You will not save money at all. Trade in is very bad. Can't wait till you do a video in 36 months?? The worst investment you will see.

  17. The future for personal transport is still fossil fuel.
    Volkswagens LX1 limited run concept vehicle, can cover nearly 300miles on one 4.5Litres of diesel, and they produced over 100 of them, which sold out immediately.
    The car is expensive, but no more so, than the top of the range Tesla models.

    With the extreme cost of producing electrical battery's, and their disposal after their lifetime, fossil fuel use, is here to stay.

  18. I just picked up a 2012 Leaf w/ 28,500 miles on it for $8200 out the door. The prices these days are crazy! So far my wife and I are loving it and it is our primary daily commuter car now! Saves wear on our gas vehicle now since it's only driven now for longer trips! Thanks for the great videos. Really taught me a lot.

  19. I think you missed out the one big snag, but unwittingly gave it away. Your other car is a Prius, which of course you need to go on long journeys. Sure, you can go on long journeys in the Leaf but charging times are a bind, and it takes twice as long to get there. I read of a guy who did a 12 hour journey to his son's house once a month. He agreed to try an electric car, and it took him a day and a half to get there. Once he nearly ran out of charge as there were no charging points in the area, but ended up getting charged at a marina. Then he had to get a hotel room overnight in a very expensive hotel because they are the only ones that have charging points. So not only did the trip take longer, the cost of the hotel room made it more expensive.

  20. In winter my Leaf is not so good on heating the cabin. It's too bad, the rest is okay. but the autonomy is getting down very fast in winter.

  21. The Leaf is a great car, but it is not for everyone, all depends on your commute distance, if your commute is under 50 miles then this car is for you, otherwise it will be very stressful for you to charge at work every day in order to make it back home, charging twice a day is not good for the life and performance of the battery. Also depends on your driving style, local temperature, hills, etc,etc,etc.

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