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Nissan Versa review | Consumer Reports


Nissan’s subcompact Versa sedan is redesigned for 2012 but it’s disappointing. In a departure from its predecessor, the small car is now noisy and the interior is blatantly cheap. To its credit, the rear cabin is relatively roomy and fuel economy is commendable at 32 mpg overall. Learn more about the Nissan Versa and other small cars on our website: http://bit.ly/ijfnW5

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  1. @eskil1u its a sub compact, there CHEAP! who cares about the interior and 0-60 there made for great MPGS!!!

  2. There's got to be actual inexpensive cars out there. A Ford Fiesta for $20k isn't actually a budget car!

  3. well. … consider the KIA RIO5 … it handles like a dream and has 3 modes for the transmisssion. ECO , REG , SPORT where you can dicatate the shift points and enjoy an economical or sporty car. Nissan strange transmission, why bother when other sub compacts like the AJAC winning Kia or Hyundai kill it with 6 speeds.

  4. I currently have the older generation of the versa and I'm not too impress at all. Although it very affordable, the engine is noisy and the interior look nice, but cheap. The 4-speed automatic make the car weak. Then again, the car cost $14 grand. This generation look uglier than ever. Personally, I would take the Mazda 2 over this because it's more fun to drive, or hyundai accent because you can get more feature of your money.

  5. Bought the car and I'm very happy with the quiet, space and mpg. I'm getting 37/38 combined city and highway. I do drive conservatively tho. Getting higher mileage is easier as the one I bought tells you how much your mpg is while you are driving. I don't care about acceleration or the small engine. Just want to get where I'm going in comfort with enough space to hold my things and passengers.

  6. Very roomy, I liked it. It did blow around in the wind though. No folding back seat unless you get top model…bad idea! Trunk is huge anyway. CVT made the engine have to rev way too much going up small grades.

  7. To me this look like what the Sentra should be except smaller. I never understood the Versa at all, like why does it it exist? Either have the Sentra as your compact car or dump it. As for this car cheap is cheap, you can't complaint about the cheapness of a car where the average cost of one is 5-10 thousand more than the car your buying.

  8. This guy's an idiot. The Versa is meant to be a cheap car, and Nissan even admits that. Of course handling won't be nimble, and plastics are going to be hard… the car starts at just under 11K. Not a car I'd be caught in, but an excellent car for a first time driver.

  9. I have a 2009 and this version does look very cheap compared to mines. Ill stick with my 2009.

  10. I couldn't agree more. I'm looking for a cheap, economical car. I'm curious to test drive this and see how it compares to the Chevy Spark in terms of comfort, roominess, performance, and that overall feel of quality. They are the two cheapest cars on the US market. The versa is quite a bit larger, but the Spark offers a lot more style and personality.

  11. There are a number of reasons. Some people don't want to drop $20k for an economy car. Some of us just can't afford that much. And then there are some of us who just want an uncomplicated, simple, reliable car. This car is on my list.

  12. So that I can buy one, which I ended up doing. Here's why… lowest price of the econo cars I looked at. Wanted a Rio, but way too expensive. Interior is super spacious. I was stepping down from a larger car, so I really like this aspect. Fuel economy is fantastic, one of the main reasons I was even considering a little car. My real world economy on 4 tanks of gas, commuting on hilly 55mph country roads has been 42, 42, 40, and 41. My current tank has been mixed city/hwy. I'm averaging 47 MPG!

  13. It feels saggy and rolly polly!! OMG!! I dont want to drive that car!!! Not even my 2007 Accent has that poor driving performance.
    That car is ugly, specially the rear end. While there are cars that just need new Rims and bigger tires to look better, this car looks ugly no matter what you do. For few hundreds I can get something better, like a new Rio Sedan or new Accent, a Sonic Sedan is even better than the Versa.

  14. I've driven both, and he is right. The previous generation does feel more upscale, but in my opinion it doesn't drive as well. The 4-speed automatic made for a pretty miserable driving experience.

  15. As an actual owner of this car who's put 9,000 miles on it commuting on the interstate and hilly back roads, I can say with confidence that it's proving to be a fantastic little car. Having stepped down from a larger car, I'm loving the cavernous interior, comfortable seat, ease of ingress/egress, and the stellar MPGs (40+). I was leery of the CVT, but so glad it has it versus a 6-spd auto. Perfect for these hilly roads here. Seamlessly spools up without annoying up and down shifts.

  16. Well We have had a the new 2012 Versa sedan for about 6 weeks now & still like it, I am still in awe of how nice this car looks for a subcompact car & the room inside is amazing. The Versa gets put down a lot as a ugly but the funny part is that it outsells ALL other subcompact cars by a LOT. It outsells the Toyota Yaris by Quadruple figures & outsells the Hyundai Accent by Double figures. The Versa is a small family car with a plush ride & roomy interior, it's not designed to be sporty.

  17. Amen to that. It gets you from point A to point B with excellent fuel economy. Now that's bang for your buck!

  18. Consumer Reports is such a joke.It has to be a Toyota or Honda or it gets down rated automatically. Drive a Versa  I did. You will feel totally different than Consumer Reports. The car is great for what its ment to be. If you want to drive a crappy car drive a Yaris if you want to drive a car that rides like a stage coach drive the Fit. You will see. 

  19. This is a really stupid review.  What is that old tried and true statement? -You get what you pay for!  Secondly if you have a family that consists of teens, and your on a budget, this redesign offers that back seat roominess, trunk space and head room that you wont get in the competitors that he mentioned.  He obviously is reviewing the car for a narrow audience of the young single male, not a family.  Its a "family sedan" this involves transporting young people and stuff (large trunk). 

  20. The 2012 Versa sedan doesn't look good, I honestly thought this was the S trim level. However the all new 2015 Versa SV looks a lot better with a nicer radio, chrome door handles, a spoiler, nicer seat fabric, arm rest, standard spoiler, bigger headlights and  bigger grill. So I think now as long as someone buys the SV or more expensive trim levels then it shouldn't feel cheap unless your expectations are too high.

  21. This is a cheap economical car that gets 31/40mpg with plenty of back seat leg room. This jerk calls everything cheap. Of course, it's the cheapest car sold in America, wise up, aye Dopey? lol

  22. The Versa to me drove well but I agree with your review the tilt wheel is a bit clunky and to me the drivers seat was really hard to get comfy in plus the position was awkward. I also think the back end is ugly as hell.

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