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No Thanks! review – with Tom Vasel


Tom takes a look at this simple card game in with you *don’t* want to win any cards!

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  1. If the chips are hidden, does the game not come with felt bags to hold them in? I mean, that's going to be easy to trick out the game with, but still…

  2. I didn't think it would be possible for the graphic design to get any worse for this game. I was wrong.

  3. I have a newer print from ZMan games, and it has the exact same colors as this one from Mayfair. It also already has variant in the rulebook about taking the 10-20-30 out. So it looks like the only thing that changed was the box. Still a great game though!

  4. No Thanks! is a brilliant card game, my students love it and so do I. We recently played it with 18 players (just give 3 chips to each player) and it worked beautifully.

  5. Just played it for the first time last night (6) with our game group and it was so fun! We would have played more rounds but needed to get to our game of Pandemic Legacy. This is a must for every game collection IMO!

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