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Nokia Lumia 630 review | Engadget


Other than offering the newest software, then, is the 630 Nokia’s best budget device? A worthy sendoff for the company? A save-the-best-’til-last-type deal?
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  1. As an owner. I completely disagree. Its built like a tank. Has an excellent battery life. Is way cheaper than the 620. Does everything it needs to do and then some.
    My phones alway have a short life due to my way of handeling. I think this one will last longer than the rest. At least I can by 4  630's as to 1 IPhone. 🙂

  2. I thought the 930 was Nokia's last phone to launch before the transition. That will be good and Nokia WILL be leaving on a good note.

  3. You sound like someone from the Valhalla, by any chance, are you friends with Thor?

  4. how do I connect it to my pc? I got a usb cable but it says it can't find a driver.  I run windows xp if that's any help.

  5. I love the Nokias and especially the Lumia range for their gorgeous minimal design, great build quality and windows phone. Windows phone 8.1 is so good, much better than shitty laggy android and oh we've seen it before iOS. They are really good phones.

  6. I just ordered one through Cricket Wireless for $49 plus a $50 mail in rebate so basically they paid me to get one. It'll get to me on Monday so we'll see how good/bad it is in person, but compared to the other phones for the same price -$1 I don't think it can be beat!

  7. Don't get me wrong but this review its completely underrating this device.

    Its a pretty good phone for 130€, maybe one of the best price/quality ratios i've ever experienced.
    The 4.5 ClearBlack display touch screen it's just perfect for single handed tasks and it has a great image quality for its price. Protected with Corning gorilla glass 3 which is enough not to wear a flip-case or any kind of screen protection unless you use the cellphone as a nail gun.

    Then the snapdragon quad-core CPU which is basically one of the most reliable processors out there you can get, even that it's only 1.2ghz.
    Don't get scared by the fact that this device only comes with 512mb of ram, this is not Android OS. All apps and their api 's are differently well programmed and that makes 512mb feel like 1gb or more on a Android phone. The battery? 1830mAh? Well, its battery life is way above average phones, with a normal usage you will need to fully charge your phone at the end of 2/3 days. Ofc that there are no miracles, if you going to fill it with games and play all the time this battery life ratio will be way lower ofc, maybe one day with some luck.

    Just keep in mind that this kind of phone is for people that want something that they can rely on, it's not a phone for gaming, tweaking or customization. So if you are looking for something fluid, minimalistic with a great performance that attends your media/social/work needs without any trouble, then this is the kind of device that you are looking for.

    (I did not intend to disrespect anyone, i just think that you shouldn't review a device made for something that you totally miss the point of it)

  8. I just got FIVE of these free when I switched from Tmobile to Cricket.  I love it.  There are trade offs of course.  But nothing I can't live with.  Incoming voice quality is only fair but outgoing voice quality is excellent so others will hear you just fine.  Windows 8.1 doesn't have all the latest and greatest apps but it has enough for me.  Its the best free phone I've ever had and definitely better than my Samsung Galaxy S 4g (the first in the S series).

  9. I got FIVE of these for free and we all love it.  The main weak point is that regular ear speaker quality is only fair (although outgoing voice mike is excellent so they will hear you very well on the other end).  When the phone is on "speaker", however, it is just fine.  The other weakness is the windows OS doesn't have all the apps (and/or all the app features) that you may want.  The user-replaceable battery and slot for SD card make this a better phone for me that the Moto G and other budget phones.

  10. WORST Mobile phone EVER !!!!!!! I got Lumi 630 … 8.1 looks good. but has NO Equalizer …. Basta*ds would not give even an update for Audio to have an Equalizer. Plus synchronizing playlist does not work … nd do not think we are stupid that we cannot do it its just that LUMIA IS SHIT … You Basta*d took money for shit ass phone .. Looks awesome but shit over the functions …. You should not even exist … F*ck you and your whole Company for pissing over our money like that

  11. I got this today for $ 45 ..lol it will hold me over until i can afford a better phone…Got my HTC one m8 wet..:(

  12. Gorilla glass, 5mp cam, decent screen res and viewing angles, battery has been great, thin and light, 720p video recording, does emails/apps/gaming, decent touch experience and customisability….personally I think that's excellent for a £100 phone + the HEREdrive app which has turned out to be he best sat nav I've ever used. 

  13. You my friend are a shitty reviewer, you need to find another job soon! Cant believe that engadget uploaded this piece of shit!

  14. Worst reviewer ever…. I owned one… it not that bad… every other review also agree that the screen is very visibility under the bright sun. Turned on battery saver, left over night… wake up at 98%. Omg this is completely opposite

  15. geez, is this the best that Engadget can do? I believe you didn't even bothered to use the phone the way it's meant to be. Heck, I have been using this for the past year already and it never crashed on me even once!

    Battery life is even better than that of my S5!

  16. a very unfair review of (in my opinion) a good phone. i have been using this model for over a year and i love it. ive never had a problem with it and im already looking out for another one in case anything happens my own.

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