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Not Bad but Also Not Perfect (Hazbin Hotel Review)


Now I have ‘𝘏𝘒𝘻𝘣π˜ͺ𝘯 𝘏𝘰𝘡𝘦𝘭 𝘈𝘯𝘨𝘦𝘭π˜₯𝘢𝘴𝘡 𝘯𝘴𝘧𝘸’ in my browser history and I’m sure the FBI is disappointed with me. The things I do for Youtube.
Anyways here is the long awaited Hazbin pilot that I promised I’d do once It came out. I hope you guys enjoy it.

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  1. Further explanations and answers, because people keep posting the same comments.

    – The angels designs.
    Now look, I'm not here expecting that angels look like blonde beauty queens in white robes. My issue is that the angels don't look like they belonged in heaven, nor do they have any angelic themes. Have you guys every played Bayonnetta and looked at the designs for both angels and demons. The angels in that game are hideous, but I can tell they come from heaven. That's what I'm trying to get at. Design your angels to look like monsters, but think about it thoroughly. Don't just wing it or else your angels could easily look like demons if you just take their halos away.

    – "Actually the turf wars were explained!"
    No they weren't. Yes I understand that after a purge, property is now up for grabs. However that's not an explanation. I mean, why do demons want to claim turf? Owning turf is usually for the sake of power and what are the benefits of said power if there's a royal family? Is it actually the result of gangs? Do they want to own turf just because they can? I think there's more to be explained.

    – "They're in hell so of course they're gonna curse a lot."
    Cursing continuously isn't funny nor should it be used as a crutch in your writing. It's supposed to be used to emphasize what you're saying. I don't care if they're in hell or not, I'm talking about the writing.

    – "You said that one voice actor wasn't good but youre not gonna say who. Your just being passive aggressive for the sake of being passive aggressive!"
    Fine since you wanna know so badly, it was Husk's voice actor. I didn't think his voice fit the character nor did he blend in with the rest of the cast. Everyone else had either ok or great casting.

    – "You should've used clips as examples for your claims!"
    Ever heard of copyright claims?

    – "Sir Pentious didn't die."
    I know, that was a joke.

    – "It's just a pilot!"
    Yes, I'm aware. A pilot is meant to be a test to see if the concept is interesting enough to be a series. It doesn't count as episode one. It's the best time to criticize it.

    – "You're salty!"
    Do I even need to dignify that with an answer?

  2. So I loved the pilot a lot but all the sound effects and constant red glow legitimately gave me a headache lol

  3. From what I've heard from the mouth of one of the main writers of hazbin, when demons die, instead of going to say… another layer of hell like most would first think, there conscious is still active, but it's forced to wander around an endless void for the rest of eternity

  4. " A dangerous entity that has the power to make the Bee Movie 2 a reality."

    damn i wish i could hear that sweet jazz again…

  5. Me: hi JesΓΊs!!

    JesΓΊs: don’t talk to me

    Me: Why?

    JesΓΊs: your killing me with that angel dust porn

    Me: turns around to computer oh.. grabs gun and shoots Uhh better?

    JesΓΊs: no..

    Me: his a gay porn star who do you expect from him

    JesΓΊs: i don’t care dont talk to me T^T

  6. I don't understand the community around this. So many people were buying merch and called themselves fans before a pilot even released. This whole thing just feels like a scam.

  7. This is more satisfying than Pkrussl's video on HH, love it. Good balance of respect and criticism that isn't sugar coated, giving credit where it's due, and not overreacting.

  8. Yes, Niffty is the most beautifully adorable little cutie thing to ever grace independent animations.

  9. Im so happy that you didnt went toxic. You just stated your ideas, and talked about it. After seeing so much people going extra toxic about Hazbin Hotel and posting really bad stuff, this video was a good video for me. Yes, of course there are things i disagree with you but i am glad i finally found a video which is not just spiting all of hate for hazbin hotel. For the things I want to talk about: First of all i want to start with cursing, i am ok with cursing being so much because they are in hell but after some time it just started being little bit too much for me. Maybe thats because i am not used to cursing being that much but i think if they lower the amount of it just a really little bit, it will be better. I have so much questions about Hazbin Hotel but this is only the pilot so i am waiting for other episodes to get my questions answered. I actually liked the desing of angels, they looked unique but thats just my opinion. I think animation had some tiny flaws like it being really little bit hard sometimes and going really fast sometimes but Im sure these things will be left behind in time. I hope you continue telling your ideas with the new episodes coming. And I hope Hazbin Hotel continues with brand new adventures.

  10. 9:25 …. it's a adult show…. they can cuss as much as they want. It's not a kid show. I would say it was amazing and there was nothing wrong with it. Theres no need to be rude and try to make the artist and actors feel bad or think there work is bad. You know? Just be nice and tell them what you think they can do better on with out saying I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings" like that's rude. Tbh chill

  11. To be fair the cursing is relevant with the setting of the show being hell. I'd also assume not everyone in hell would be the most mature, leading to some immature humor. But it could also just be like you stated, a lack of consistency and not made for an adult audience.

  12. I mean this is hell we can’t forget that and this is where the worst of the worst goes so with the cursing and adult jokes suits it fine I’m not a professional I loved it but did think β€œoh it’s already over?”

  13. I personally LOVE hazbin. I understand your points though, they were accurate.
    Edit: Also yes, ahem *scrumptious*

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