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Nuclear Throne Evaluate


Right after two years in Early Obtain, Nuclear Throne is last but not least in this article. Check out IGN’s evaluation for our closing verdict.

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  1. also, if trying to play coop, it tends to have a fatal error, you're lucky if you get it working

  2. Well there should be a patch fixing the crashes within the first half of 2016 so that would make it a ten eh?

  3. ~90 hours in, had a single crash so far in the Co-op selection screen (that didn't affect any progress at all)

  4. in my 100 HR playtime i only crashed once ( at 0_1 ) and im pretty sure that Bug is already fixed

  5. on console with 400+ hours of play time ive crashed easily over 50 times but its never actually ruined a run

  6. for anyone watching right now: the pc build has not crashed my game for a very long time

  7. The level design is atrocious 9/10 deaths is because you get spawned in an area surrounded by enemies with no way to get out.

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