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Nuna Mixx2 Stroller 2017 (New Nuna Mixx) | Ratings, Reviews, Prices | Magic Beans


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In this video, Eli reviews the Nuna Mixx2 stroller, new for 2017! We love the new updates on one of our best-selling strollers – and we think you will too!

Features of the Nuna Mixx² Stroller 2017 include:

– A new smart and stately black matte stroller frame;
– Cotton blend fabric that is both cleverly chic and comfy for baby;
– A hand-sewn leather look handblebar and child’s arm bar;
– Exclusive 7.5″ chrome wheels;
– Twice as nice canopy thanks to the underside’s double quilted stitch work

The Nuna Mixx² Stroller 2017 comes with Nuna Pipa adapters and a rain cover. It can be used from birth to 50 pounds.

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  1. Hi Eli! We really like this stroller but the only thing that is holding us back is that it seems like as the child grows, if I were to recline the seat for sleep, the baby would be too big for the folding foot rest. Is that something other parents have concerns about?

  2. Hi, so I read reviews that Nuna Mixx has a problem with squeaky wheels, do you see the same problem with this model? what type of wheels do they have? Thanks

  3. please review mamas & papas ocarro stroller.. if possible, comparison with oyster2 please..

  4. Please help! I find that the Nuna Pipa car seat is not easy to click in and out of the Nuna Mixx2 stroller. Im only 5'1 am struggling even without the baby being in the carseat. I tried to purchase the ring adapter in hopes that it would be easier but it seems its only for the Bugaboo. Two questions: have you found this to be a common problem and is there a ring adapter for the Nuna Pipa car seat to the Nuna Mixx2?

  5. Hi! Does the handle bar of the nuna mixx 2 can be moved up and down, that depending how tall you are you can adapt it to fit your necessity?

  6. Is the handlebar adjustable? I am quite short and my husband is tall so that is important to us! Had the Uppa BabyVista for my first two (and it did adjust)… loved it but i also like change. Thanks!

  7. Hello, I've previously owned the Bugaboo Cameleon as well as the Bee, and I love the maneuverability. How is the maneuverability of the Nuna Mixx2 compared to that of Bugaboo strollers?

  8. Hi… Can we bring Nuna Mixx2 as a cabin baggage/carry-on baggage on airplane?

  9. I noticed that when the stroller moves, the seat wiggles a lot. Is that normal? Seems like it should be pretty firm and not move around like that.

  10. just bought the Nuns Mixx2. I really like its compact size. if you have a sedan or a,small vehicle then consider this one

  11. what is the make/model of the red and orange infant car seats in the background on the top shelf??

  12. Lady at your Wellesley store told me it goes only with nuna pipa probably that's not true ?

  13. I want to get the Mixx2, but we have a Chicco keyfit 30 car seat. Do we need to buy a separate adapter and what kind? Or does it come with adapters for all car seats (that would be awesome 🙂
    Are the tires all-terrain tires, will be it OK on grass/dirt, etc?
    And how long can you use this stroller, up to what lbs?

  14. help me . im looking for a stroller with a car seat my son is 20 lbs. and growing i was thinking this one or the vista baby 2017. can you help me decide please and is it ok for all terraine? which one is better tell me the truth lol

  15. What stroller would you recommend if lightweight/compact is a priority but I would also like to add a standing board option for my toddler?

  16. Eli, can you tell me exactly what kind of fabric this is on the stroller itself? You said it's a "knit" fabric. Is it smooth and silky like it looks?

  17. Thank you so much for this video! I think I've finally found my stroller and travel system – Nuna Pipa Carseat and Nuna Mixx2. Can't wait to order from Mbeans <3 Thank you for everything that you guys do!

    Can you please do a video on how Eli and his partner started the business? I love your company and store and would love to have an in-depth video of how it came to be!

  18. Their website says this is 27 lbs…heavier than the Vista!!! I wish it was the 24 lbs. like you said. Or am I wrong? I am going between the Bumbleride Indie and the Mixx2. The Bumble is only 24 lbs which is really pulling me towards it, but seems like the Mixx is more quality when I tested them.

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