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Nuna Pipa on a Cybex Mios | Reviews | Ratings | Prices | Magic Beans


With the release of the lightweight Cybex Mios Stroller, a lot of parents are asking if it’s compatible with a Nuna Pipa. It is! In this video, Eli shows you how the included Maxi Cosi adapters let you click your Pipa into place.

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Purchase the Cybex Mios: http://mbeans.com/cybex-mios-strollers?utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=youtube-2017-nuna-pipa-on-cybex-mios&utm_content=description

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  1. May I know if the Mios sit high enough to be used as a high chair when dining out. Thanks

  2. are the pictures of the Nuna pipa in Caviar darker than it actually is?? specially the infant insert?

  3. You are amazing! every question I have you've already covered! I will buy a stroller only from you because of great job you do on a youtube!

  4. Thank you Eli for all of your amazing reviews. They are so helpful. I just bought a Cybex Mios and a Nuna Pipa and found a solution to the problem of the car seat sticking. Just apply some 3M silicone paste (available on Amazon) to the adapters on the Mios and voila! the Nuna comes off effortlessly without sacrificing any safety (it still clicks in properly for a secure fit). I'm thrilled with this combination. So light and stylish! It is the perfect infant travel stoller combo.

  5. Hi does the nuna pipa ring adapter for mixx2 stroller work with cybex mios also?

  6. Hi! I have run into an issue with the Nuna Pipa and my Maxi Cosi adorra stroller, which comes with MC/cybex/nuna car seat adapters. I've tried playing around with it quite a bit now, and the only way I can get it to release is by firstly releasing the adapters from the stroller, and then using my finger to push the little lever out of the way and pull out the adapter with the other hand. Is there a better way to do this? I've tried all the buttons I can find on the Pipa.

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