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NYIAS 2017: Regular Car Reviews


New York International Auto Show 2017


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  1. for some reason i couldnt stop laughing when you were talking about poopin with the door open… you + poop jokes = never gets old

  2. 3:28 why are all car interiors the same? Seriously, look up google images of random modern cars. The Benzes look the same as Toyotas, as Fords, as Chevys, etc. It's rediculous. I'm looking at this Romero interior and thinking of a BMW I looked at and a Mazda.

  3. Business shoes, journalism shoes, business shoes, journalism shoes, business shoes, journalism shoes … ughhh smooth bottoms 2:32

  4. Jeep: rhymes with cheep 🙂
    My uncle had a Grand Cherokee, the rear diff made a tremendous noise for a while… then it blew apart.

    PS: the Tiny house is for the Porsche enthusiast that would rather drop 125K on a Kraut mobile and a Pricy suit so he can pretend to look like a stealth billionaire and treat his car like a cathedral, cause a house is just a place to crash for a couple of hours before heading out again in his beloved Carrera. 'Cause houses are such a waste of money, and family is useless since his game is to bang every chick at work after giving them the ride.

  5. i wonder if these people that he films even know that a very strange man that goes by mr regular is filming them

  6. 911 owner here. completely lost it when he said Porsche food, there is literally always food near porches

  7. WOW Honda great idea lets tack the idea from the Pontiac aztek and use it as a marketing plan for the future

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