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Nylon Leggings – What's the Fuss With Nylon Leggings?


Nylon is one of the most common materials integrated into leggings. Nylon leggings are surprisingly expensive because they're the most flexible material for leggings, and nylon is a durable material that has more strength than microfiber, for instance.

American Apparel specializes in fashionable, sexy, and athletic clothing for young women, and some of their colors for nylon leggings show that they can be dyed any color and still look good. Some of their top-selling colors include serpent, charcoal, coral ice, fluorescent red, and fluorescent green.

Nylon leggings are not as troublesome as cotton leggings which can get all bunched up around the knees and don't fit like a glove sometimes. Sometimes, they just don't fit right, and they defeat the whole purpose of leggings if they're not nylon. Leggings should fit skin-tight and not let any air or warmth in. They are supposed to be like a second skin for your legs and not like an extra layer of clothing that fits loosely. Some people prefer the certainty of nylon just for this reason. Some nylon leggings are made of 75% nylon or more and 20% elastane or some other material. Some fluorescent colors have restrictions like stain removers cannot be used on them.

While a lot of nylon leggings are solid colors, there are some that have stripes along them. These are sometimes cheaper than solid colors because they're not as beautiful, but both are form-fitting and just as easy to wear. Most of the time, outside of minor differences in the proportions of extra materials in the nylon, the only differences are color differences.

You should try to get a rib knit waistband to go along the feet and waistband so they fit nicer, have a closed set of feet, and a closed waistband, and feel more tight around the areas that are supposed to hold them up and keep them form-fitting even without the nylon itself molding to your body and fitting just right.

Sometimes, lycra is mixed into the nylon leggings to make them more flexible. There are sometimes subtle differences between types of nylon leggings for different purposes like jazz, dance, skating, pajamas, and just everyday fashion sense. These are reflected in durability, strength, ease of use, and looks. These can be worn with leotards and skirts so they look like real decent outfits instead of just plain old leggings or tights matched with a colorful top.

By Jason Bolte

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