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NyxQuest Iphone Gameplay Critique – AppSpy.com


NyxQuest Iphone Gameplay Critique.
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  1. I have this game on my PC, but my ipod 2g isn't compatible with this game… it's great fun however on PC atleast.

  2. Why did they not make it available on more devices? Think how much more profit that would have been gained if it was out for 2nd gen devices also. I would have bought it.. Dont understand why a version with slightly less impressive graphics is not made available..

  3. This game is bloody amazing. Most enjoyable three hours I've had with an iOS game thus far, and I have still to collect all relics.

    To be honest, this is a game I could picture myself collecting all the relics in, because it doesn't actually feel like a chore in the same way as in most other games.
    I wonder what gives. Maybe the fairly low amount of relics.

  4. Nice review! Have you reviewd zombie gunship game I've been playing it for two days, it's very addictive….

  5. @iPodManiac1100 But that's not the point – no matter how long a game is it's the experience that makes it worthwhile. If you enjoy a game, no matter how long it is, then you've not wasted your time. The game takes maybe a couple hours or so to finish (longer if you're being pedantic) and for $2 (?) that's still decent value even without replaying 🙂

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