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Official Nintendo 3DS Compact 16 Game Case Review


Reviews are not a thing on my channel and I don’t expect it to be.

Don’t buy this case. Seriously.

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  1. I have this and I don't seem to have any of these problems. All my games fit perfectly fine.

  2. Great review, Rey! I remembered getting a crappy game card holder from GAME, mine felt like it would break my game cards if I pushed them in like you mentioned.

  3. I got this thing too, and almost half of the spaces are unusable. Good thing I only have 4 cartridges right now…

  4. Maybe it's just me but I kinda cringed when you said it felt like it was going to break the game and you put in Fire Emblem If.

  5. I had gotten a pink version of the box a couple months ago and it worked perfectly fine for me. It doesn't pop out and it's easy to take out. Sadly it broke because it fell from a high spot. But sorry to hear yours is so crappy! Hopefully you can find another case to safely hold your games. qwq

  6. I hope they fix this in the future. I have 40 DS+3DS games. I had to evict some of my books.

  7. Yeah I bought this thing and had the same problem. I ended up doing the same thing and just storing games in the case itself and not using the crappy plastic holder.

  8. on the amazon photos it looks like it fits perfectly. maybe they gave you an old manufactured one by accident.

  9. I saw these at gamestop today and they look entirely different compared to one I was given last year. It may be that a new manufacture Because the material looks different cheaper plastic by the looks of it

  10. Duuuuude, why u no finish fire emblem if play through? I love watching you play, ur a master at fire emblem!!!!

  11. even though I do not have a 3DS (le sigh…. need a way to get a US N3DS small under 200$ inc. shipping) I have a 3DS bag from costco in 2012. fits 2 DS's and 60 games and more.

  12. I got one with my 3ds it is great I think it holds about 20 games and my brother got one 2 so we have tons of rooms

  13. I believe I have one but it's transparent and says NntendoDS instead of 3DS and I have no problems with it so far, even so far as to holding my 3DS games. Mine is also actually 15 games because one of the sections is actually a memory card holder. Also, I did notice a defect on mine where the "Nintendo DS is a trademark of Nintendo" is slightly slanted but other than that, no issues whatsoever on the actual usage. Guess you just gotta stop going to Gamestop

  14. Luckily i got the Eevee(Eievui party) one. but that one is from japan except it was ship to singapore. and is created by nintendo of japan instead and can hold up to 24.

  15. God, I had that exact same case. It was horrible, I just gave it to my friend. It was a pain in the ass to use, they'd pop out every single time I put a game in another slot. $10 isn't a whole lot but still a waste of money.

  16. What the hell? I have one that's similar, the only differences being that the cover plastic is transparent and not blue, and it feels amazing, somewhat glass-like. And the inside plastic is durable and won't come off like yours does. I think you may have gotten a defect, or it's a problem with newer models, I got mine a few month ago. If you want, I can make a video demonstrating it. In my case, I would recommend it, even.

  17. 02:50 NOOOOOO!!!

    BTW… I really like this video… can you make a review of your video capture devices?? ^^U

  18. ACTUALLY I've left many 3DS or DS games in the washer, and they've been fine. Also, you probably could have returned/replaced it at GameStop, showing them how it's defective/doesn't work. Of course, it's too late to do that now, but just wanted to say that.

  19. I loved the color and purchased one of those as well because it was basically Nintendo branded, boy was I disappointed. The 2 dollar Chinese ones work very well so im using the 24 holder in black its nice, doesnt feel like its gonna break my game and pretty durable.

  20. Just got this piece of crap and thought it was just me. Spent 18 Aud on this thing. Cant even put 4 on one of them coz itll just pop the other one out. So annoyed

  21. I'm honestly upset that I didn't see this sooner. I got my 2DS today and decided to buy a couple of games and got this case (but in purple). I tried putting one in the little slot thing….and it did feel like it was gonna break. And even getting them out is a hassle to deal with. You have to like forcefully push them in and forcefully pull it out. Might just have to give mine away and look for a better one:(

  22. Bought mine at Wal-Mart, and they were just as crappy. I'm surprised you even got those all in there due to them always popping out.

  23. I hugely regret getting this thing. I'm currently looking for reviews for a switch game cases so I don't waste my money on this crap again.

  24. I have this case and honest to god the worst part about it to me is that it fits DS games perfectly but for the life of me I can not get ANY 3ds games to fit for the life of me

  25. I reccomend that you try and buy the mystery box game holder! I think it holds up to 16 games.. :/

  26. Damn it. I just bought this because I decided that I needed a container for my cartridge chips. Today. Well that's $10 that I'm not getting back.

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