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Oh Yea Ouya! Console Review – Soldier’s Tech Battlefield


This week, Soldier looks at the Ouya, a $99, Android open source gaming console. Find out how the console compares to the head honcho systems on the market, and how it will hold up against the upcoming nextgen consoles.

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  1. I don't know if i'll buy an xbox one. i have a 360 but if they, the industry, is changing to cloud games, i might as well go with onlive or ouya. i mean, i'm in it for fun. not feature rich content. i mean i like that there is a video camera you can use to track your motions, Kinect, and i like that there is a microphone headset to talk to other players, but at the end of the day, i'm in it to play a good game. not really, just any game i feel like playing then.

  2. btw! who the hell likes playing a game that lasts months to finish?!? (i don't know, maybe you do, but) i can't handle a game that takes more than a day to finish…. LOL!!! too long, games.

  3. simply great. i wanna do again so that i can get one more ipad :P. dont think its funny, never forget to fill with your mail id and ph number. dont run away have a try now >>> bit.ly/16Yep1R?=wteqrk

  4. Dude, "traditionally" the buttons are shoulder buttons it wasn't until after PS that XBOX then came out with their controller that changed where they put their trigger buttons….

  5. I am bundling everything on Amazon right now but I would like to see some next gen games

  6. May you do a comparison between Ouya and mini PC? It seems both does the same thing and most of the mini PC cost <$99

  7. the pound is worth more than the US dollar so its actually more expensive there. HERP DERP!

  8. it is Americans like you that give Americans like me a bad name and also why so many people hate America

  9. Google search the exchange rate from 99 pounds to US dollar. And get ready to facepalm because 99 pounds is 151.05 US Dollars, even if they did not have to pay any taxes on that 99 pound price it is still way overpriced compared to the US Dollar.

  10. The added bonus is that it doubles up as a media player. Currently I stream video and music from my PC via wireless onto my tv so I am happy chappy.

  11. ouya no support at all… if you buy online you never get it…
    kickstarted provies funding for idiots with good ideas..

    mine is over a month overdue and my support ticket asking about it is 15days old! they say they respond in 2-3 days.. the LIE!

    dont buy it! at least not online you will only regret it..

    the hardware is actully ok for this price class.. software i have no idea…
    but the company is crap!

  12. one thing about the Ouya….you can play emulators I treid all you need is a USB with the downloaded content. its like multiple consoles for the T.V. It supports it.

  13. even though this review is somewhat old. I like it a lot& I agree with you this is mainly cool but not SO Hot!also, it does come down to the games.

  14. never buy a gaming console from Android or Apple only by the Nivea shield that's the only Android gaming console you can buy it's the best

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