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Omega 3 For Children – Boost Your Child's Brain


Omega 3 is found in fishes such as fresh tuna and sardines Today, omega 3 is recognized as super food that help in improving eyesight, reading, learning, spelling and behavioral complications in children. Among the benefits are also improved heart health, stronger immune system, improved skin, and faster body and muscle growth. Scientific studies have found that lack of omega 3 for children result in abnormal complications.

Is not it just a big hype?

This is more than just Hype, It's based on dozen of proven scientific studies. Fish oils contain essential ingredients called omega 3 fatty acids, which are recognized as the best ingredients for the growth and development of a healthy and functional brain. The human brain needs certain amounts of essential oils for its growth. In fact, the brain cells them self are made mainly from fatty acids. These oils are found abundantly in oily fishes, particularly sea fishes like salmon, mackerel, sardines and herring. Fish oils are loaded with omega 3 essential fatty acids, which are important for every human being. Omega 3 for children at their developmental stage is even more critical than for adults.

As fatty acids are not produced by the body naturally, it needs to be delivered through food or supplements.

Studies about fish oil for kids have shown that children who have had problems with vision, learning and reading, when given fish oils as supplements, have shown remarkable improvement in their behavior as well as in their learning abilities. As the modern Western food habits contain higher amounts of cereals and lower number of fishes, the body does not get the required amount of fish oils. If at all children eat fishes, it is usually haddock, cod and others that are usually low in the essential fatty acids.

Lack of Omega 3 for children also results in poor concentration, memory problems, allergies, asthma, hay fever. It also results in mental health complications like depression, mood swings, anxiety, sleeping disorders and problems with reading and writing. While there could be many other causes of this problem, lack of fish oil for kids is definitely one of the largest reasons that can not be ruled out.

As the child develops, it is very important to include lots of fish oil or omega 3 supplements in their menu. A balanced diet is good enough to provide the essential fatty acids to the body. However, if that does not work, children can be give omega 3 supplements as well.

Best source of fatty acids for your kids

The level of omega 3 for children can be increased by including lots of healthy foods in their diet, particularly fishes like fresh tuna, pilchards, sardines, whitebait and kipper. They are also found in nuts like peanuts and walnuts; seed oils like rapeseed oil, soy oil and linseed oil; red meat and green leafy vegetables like spinach.

Although you can get omega 3 from the vegetarian sources above, Fish oils has the highest quality of DHA and EPA – essential fatty acids.How ever some fishes may contain harmful toxin. This is where technology come to our help. Omega 3 fish oil capsules are molecularly distilled and are free from toxin.

Therefore, the best source of omega 3 for children is certainly fish oil capsules . Yes, some children might not like to swallow capsules, but trust me, the benefits are worth every challenge you might face.

By Dino Ascari

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