Home Book Review Onision getting fans to spam his Amazon book with 5 star reviews

Onision getting fans to spam his Amazon book with 5 star reviews



Greg telling viewers to spam Amazon on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmiwGPvdxdQ

(Bonus) Greg telling book reviewer on Amazon to “go fuck themselves” on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Efv_IxUVZw

Greg promoting Amazon spamming on twitter:


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  1. The things that aggravates me the most is he honestly believes he's so fucking clever, that people will believe this is truly an experiment to expose the review system rather than an utterly transparent plot to get his horribly written book five-star reviews. The ONLY people stupid enough to believe that are his children fans–you're fucking 30 dude–too stupid to know any better.

  2. …but he didn't tell them to give it five stars… just to put a really unrelated review mocking the system…

  3. i love how all the onision haters like to hang around this channel and talk shit about onision. why do you hate him anyway? because he speaks what he thinks or because you are jealous that you aren't brave enough or don't have the balls to do what he does? anyway have fun being butthurt and enjoy this little shitty channel. good bye everyone!

  4. A channel dedicated to Onision ANYTHING when you're a sort of ex that you three-way'd up to third base, then get kicked to the curb after being cuddled and full-body-massaged… shit, sounds like obsession to me. Stalker.

  5. he was sarcstic u are obsessed with onision just in denyal u watch all his vids and re uload clis talking shit u have a problem u are obsessed

  6. We get it onision is awesome and you want some sweet and savory onision so then you make these drama videos to make him pay attention to you. Well shame on you because Greg is better than that.

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