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Online Reviews, How to get Google reviews on your product


Online Reviews, How to get reviews on your product 1(800) 956-1743
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In this episode we discuss the power of online reviews. How reviews can make or break the reputation of a company or person.

The new consumer will research online for a certain product in a geographic location before buying a product. 75% of people use Google to search. Add the local element, by searching geographically, and you can target your product to these researchers.

Google purchased Zagat and integrated it into these local search results, so now all searches include local reviews from consumers.

If you can remind clients to leave reviews on a Google Plus local account about your product, you have an exponentially greater chance of being found and trusted online.

If you have no reviews, one bad review could ruin your lead generation.


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Topic: Online Reviews, How to get reviews on your product
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