Home Game Review Orcs Must Die! The Board Game Review – with Tom Vasel

Orcs Must Die! The Board Game Review – with Tom Vasel


Tom Vasel takes a look at the board game adaption of Orcs Must Die!

BGG link here: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/174584/orcs-must-die-order-boardgame

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  1. cooperative tower defense game with same theme… CASTLE PANIC. get it instead and buy all the expansions. Only prob;em with it is youll constantly be looking at the rulebook as you play especially in desperate moments.

  2. "Eht-set-er-ah" not "Eck-shet-rah." I respect your show and you immensely, but improper grammar hurts to listen to.

  3. same reasons why į dont like basic pandemic, obvious desisions and if they are right or wrong iš decided by random card draw…

  4. Good review guys. You should try the video game. The video game is actually quite good. Bummer that the board game fell flat.

  5. I remain surprised that games can still come out without someone in the process checking to see if it's good. I know it's subjective but you gotta have an idea about it.

  6. It really looks like it tries to be the video game. But it seems destined to be lost in translation.

  7. Thank you for mentioning something that bugs me SO much in games…leveling up. So hard to understand some games that you finally level up with a +1 sword, +2 armor then the next monster has 3 more hit points (Pathfinder Card Game LOL). What is the point?

  8. Fan of the vgame, never played the bgame, but it seems like they've lost the real-time panicky feeling of the vgame. The bgame seems to play more like a turn-based strategy game, which OMD is not.

  9. Being an enthusiat of the videogame (OMD 1 and 2 are just so fun, not sure about the unchained) i can say that the board game surely lacks 2 important aspects that made the videogame great:

    1) 3-dimensionality: it's true that the base fact of every map is "orcs rush in, rift must be protected" but, in the video game, you had to keep in check lanes and zones of the map that sometimes you couldn't even see from one another AND the layout of every map (the presence of walls, floors and ceilings to be used for placing traps) affected the choice of your defences more than drastically. This feeling doesnt pop out of the boardgame.

    2) rhytm: the videogame could become really, really frantic and fast paced, having time-based release of the next wave of orcs….and that feeling of "omg i have to be fast or the lane on the other side of the map will f**k me over" doesn't seem to have been transfered into the boardgame.

    So sad that it also costs a butt load…

  10. As a fan of the video game I do like the board game version. It is fairly light but that lets my kids play with me. The dice rolling is a bit too random but you can spend your skulls on traps and gear to help offset that randomness. Is it a perfect representation of the video games? No, but overall I found it to be pretty good and fun to play.

  11. If he be worthy, he shall posess the power of Tom Vassal! Bummer the game looks great, but gameplay is boring. I'll have to pick it up for mini's.

  12. I un-subbed at some point and completely forgot about you. I don't know why. Kind of fun to rediscover a channel like this.

  13. I watched this review with my boys tonight and we actually all agree. We too wanted to love this game. We were so excited for it to arrive. But we are struggling to get it to the table because it just wasnt fun. We started talking tonight about the game we wish it was and we stumbled across a simple concept. Zombicide with traps. If Orcs Must Die was done on the scale of zombicide you would be able to take pot shots with your dwarven rocket launcher at earth elementals in the distance while switching to your blunderbuss to shoot at orcs near the rift. As you become overwhelmed you would move back allowing insane numbers of traps to fire in combination (not 1 trap per tile). Sections of the map could be elevated to place archer guardians to fire for you. Dozens or orcs pouring in with an occasional terrifying huge creature. Imagine the gnoll hunters sprinting like runners to get to you. Awesome.

  14. Oh thank Goodness… I was checking out the complete package for this game, and it is pricey as… It's pricey, let's just put it that way… This and TMNT Shadows of the past The Works edition would have bankrupted me 😉 Now I only have to buy the works edition (sigh) for my birthday present to myself 😉

  15. I have this game and it's great!!! No idea what this reviewer is talking about. All games with dice involve a certain degree of luck. This game has fantastic production values too and it's made by a well known respected game creator who creates very high quality games. Excellent tower defense game!!!
    Judging by the comments here, nobody seems to have a mind of their own and it seems that very few commenting have even played the game. facepalm

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