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Oroborus Reviews: Sonic Unleashed (Wii/PS2)


Review for Sonic Unleashed again, but for the Wii and PlayStation 2 version this time.

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  1. They're both virtually the same. The Wii just looks nicer. Although, if you get the Wii version, I heavily suggest playing it with the GameCube controller or the Wii Classic controller. The Wii + NunChuk is a bit weird and slightly unresponsive.

  2. I blame developer style. This version was primarily made by Dimps, the people that brought to us Sonic Rush.

  3. No, it isn't mine. One of these days I'll get tech good enough to record my own gameplay for good samples.

    To answer the other question, I still wonder myself.

  4. You think maybe Mazuri and Empire City was actually going to be in the version, but because the PS2 version is a port of the Wii version, they cut out the 2 levels for the Wii version?

  5. @Inuboy1000 so u have a wii & a ps2?! lucky… i have ps2 & its pixilated sumtimes. i personaly recomend wii version. but dont take my word 4 it becuz i havent played the wii version THAT much.

  6. I love your opinion! I totally agree.

    Also, I think you picked the best songs in the game to play while talking. The last song (Jungle Joyride [Adabat], Daystage) is my favorite song in the whole game!

    Your voice is kind of quiet and later in the review your voice was fast, also.

  7. @67yroldhobo

    Yeah, these were among the first videos I've done, so I'm a lot quieter back then (LOL mic-shy).

  8. @67yroldhobo No I dont have either console. The PS2 broke a long time ago. As for the Wii, well I had one but it got stolen sometime in mid 2008. I would have gotten a new one, but it was too expensive. Get a PS3 or 360, I think they are somewhat better than the Wii. Although, now looking at it, I have been showing contempt for both of them, only because of what they have been reminding me of in real life.

  9. @lucariotrainer16 you can get extra lives by collecting sun and moon medals and going into secret rooms in the temples

  10. @percival369

    I think he knew that lucariotrainer, but the question was how do you get 19 of them. I 100% my copy on the PS2 and only got 14.

  11. @lucariotrainer16 Either those levels were never intended for the Wii version, or Dimps had no concrete ideas for the two levels, so they were cut. I can't say for sure.

  12. What do ya mean a console of the past?Look pal,I don't mean anything personal,but
    I have a PS2 & a PS3 and still enjoy both equally!

  13. @TheShade10000 The PS2 is sixth generation. PS3 is seventh generation. The PS2 is a console of the PAST generation. Nothing wrong with that, so don't bitch about it.

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