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Owners Review 2013 Nissan Leaf SV


NEW – 1 year review video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eM8sHGlAFfc

Winter update on range and performance video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVrK3Av3dGM

My review of my 2013 Nissan Leaf

How to disconnect the VSP module for back up warning tone

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  1. The Nissan Dealership near where I live doesn't have rear view camera's (atleast with the models in the parking lot), does your leaf have a rear view camera?

  2. I added a backup tone to my electric car.  I got tired of having to get out of the car  and ask people to move out of the way.   They don't hear a starter crank so they don't know to get out of the way.

  3. The Nissan leaf is not a long distance car, its designed for short drives/city driving. Nissan makes that clear in it's advertising. It's great car if u use it for what it was designed for.

  4. The top of the line Leaf comes with a Bose audio system had you done your research you would have known that. I'm surprised St Louis, MO doesn't have a level 3 or 480 volt charger. As of right now it still does not which I find odd – http://www.plugshare.com you can also list your personal charger on there if you wish but it must be available 24/7 – others have theirs listed so there are more charging stations than one would think. It's kind of a share type thing. You offer it to the public for free and others will do the same for you. Some things most people don't know. I have done LOTS of research on this because I do want to buy one.

  5. Also, the design of the vehicle like the headlights weren't because of noise it was for aerodynamics or drag coefficientcy – the less drag the better overall range it has nothing to do with noise. Yes, you will notice less noise but it wasn't done for noise.

  6. Congrats.
    You are in your honeymoon period.
    Have a LEAF for 2 years. I loved it in the 1st year.
    Will not buy Nissan again.

  7. I'm in the UK and I'm tempted to get a Leaf. We have quick charge ports at work and I only live 12miles away so I should be ok. Thanks for a very nice tour of the car.

  8. 2013 Nissan Leaf s Model. Great explanation. Love my leaf.Fed rebate is $7500 and in GA state is $3000. GE Watts station is only $650.00 at Lowes (thought you may want to know). Have you heard of any tweaks that allow for a greater range? That's my only let down.. Range, Range, Range. 95% great everyday, just that Atlanta is BIGGG.

  9. Great review, I like how you went over every detail of the car and gave your opinion. I am thinking about getting a used 2013 Nissan leaf SL, to replace our Honda CRZ hybrid (crap hybrid btw). We also have a Chevrolet volt and love that car. We test drove a Tesla Model S 85 but it just seems too expensive.

  10. get ready for replacing batteries! thats going to be fun for u 😛 oh well, u can at least feel good about using clean energy, but w8? where do u think that electricity comes from 😛

  11. bnoles1000, thanks for the excellent video. I just purchased a Leaf SV today at St. Charles Nissan, west of St. Louis.  They now have a quick charger (440v) but is only turned on during business hours. It is free to the public, I was told. They have several 220V chargers that are avail. 24/7.

  12. Best review I've seen on the Leaf (and I've watched a bunch of em) you really took some time to learn the car. One question – what are car wings? ( they were a selection on the dash)

  13. How long does it take for a full charge [when using the battery charger that you have at your home…thks.

  14. Great video!  I watched this before I leased my 2013 Leaf.  I have had it since Feb this year.  Love it!  I am in Jefferson City just west of you.  I got the "S" model (one below yours).  My average commute is about 45 miles per day so range anxiety is a non issue.  I am averaging about 75 miles per charge due to mostly highway miles during my commute.  My only complaint is the lack of charging stations in Central Missouri.  It would be nice to be able to get to STL and back someday.

  15. Thanks for this detailed review. Very helpful and answered 100% of my questions and uncertainty.

    Only remaining question I have left is whether it is better to lease or buy, and there probably isn't one right answer to that. I tend to prefer to buy, but am concerned that the batteries will degrade after 5 years or so (have heard people say they notice degradation after a couple years, and Nissan's warranty only covers degradation for 5 years / 60,000 miles). Don't want to be left with a car that only has 50 miles of range after 7 years or so, and be facing the question of whether to start paying $100/month ($1200/year) to get a new battery, or whether to sink that money into a new car after only 7ish years.

  16. I love your video… I cant wait until I get my leaf…. have you noticed a major increase in your electric bill ?

  17. One of the best informative Leaf uploads.
    I have watched  your videos few times and forwarded it to my wife's iPad as a learning aid while we await delivery of our new car. Also learning a little American too !
    Thank you.

  18. Great review, hopefully the next version has a little bit more range. With winter temps in Wisconsin -40F to 15F I would need a range of at least 75 miles year around to be comfortable making the commute. 

  19. So what's the blue book value a year later?  I just can't bring myself to buying new, but am VERY tempted for electric, and doing as much research as possible.  Great review.  Thanks.

  20. it's been almost a year since your review.  are you still happy with your Leaf?  Any issues or problems since you posted this?  Has the range decreased?

  21. Being a sales rep at a nissan dealership The leaf is One of my favorite cars to test drive. The looks on the face of my customers who take one for a test drive for the very first time…..priceless.  Good job on the review!  

  22. The Leaf is a great product and the next version will hopefully take care of a couple of issues I have with it: bigger battery and the styling.  Nissan should revise the styling of the Leaf to be more attractive. Battery goes without saying.

  23. $170 for mats ???????????????

    this is the reason why we need new innovative companies like Tesla who spend their money not on silly mats but helping to improve the world. 

  24. Thinking of taking the plunge on this.  I have done the prerequisite research.  Tons of review videos… watched who Killed the electric car AND revenge of the electric car LOL.  We already have a Dodge Caravan and we plan on using the Leaf for commuting for the wife.  She has a commute of about 45km plus driving the kids to classes- another 20 km. Not much more than that is required daily.  65 km or 35 miles just to err on the side of caution.  Planning on getting a used Leaf as some are being returned at the end of their lease. Dealers are letting 2011's and 2012's for about $16,000 canadian to $22,000.  These have a range of 50,000 km to about 72,000 kms.
    The only concern I have is the battery life.  Is the savings worth buying used as the battery life may have depleted?

    The Dodge of course will be used for long range road trips.

    Any thoughts?  Have I missed anything?  Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  25. Why do electric cars have to bee so ugly and child-like…???. (Have they not heard of Tesla.???…They actually make cars that look great !!)  I really want to buy an electric car at a reasonable price, but I am not willing to look humiliated in public.

  26. Brian , Thumbs Up, for one of the best owner reviews.  Everything is to the point, and usefull.  We are glad you express your opinion as a user.  The radio is the last thing I ever think about when I buy a car.. but it is something I use all the time!.   You don't mention the GPS will show you the location of charge stations, or that the info there is updated by cell phone built into the system.  Many owners have an app on their phone or tablet ( wi-fi)  so it can be possible even to tell if a charger is in use !.  Getting a home 240 charging setup.. and carrying the Nissan thing is a smart move. But costs money.

  27. Cost $35K? Money to burn, eh because you like the latest gadget, it can only go 80 mil/charge?Ford Fiesta cost under $15K, /w 40 mpg? hwy fuel economy, 1.6 liter motor.Price difference is $20K! LOL! At $3 /gal gas (my latest fill up price) that's 6666 gal of gas you can buy for $20K!At 40 mpg (40x 6666 gal) = 266640 miles you can drive the Ford Fiesta . Moon is 300,000 miles from here! LOL!Don't have to worry about charging it either.

  28. Used Nissan Leaf prices are really good right now. It will be better by December when the Chevy Bolt launches.

  29. I have seen a number of review videos and this one is really great! He explains everything in simple terms without a lot of "trying to be funny" or "In my humble opinion" scenarios. I'm looking at buying one – used – and have not been dissuaded in any way. Good job!

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