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Panasonic – Bringing Home Theater Systems to a New Level


One of the benefits in today's advancement in technology is that it has enabled people to afford items which were previously very expensive. The reason for this is the economies of scale in production. Take for example LCD's, LED's and Plasma Television sets. 5 years ago, these items were easily over 2000 dollars at the small screen models. These days, you can get a branded brand new flat screen for 400 dollars. What used to cost per thousand ten thousand dollars for a 50 inch screen now cost 2000 dollars. Advances in audio technology and micro processing have also made items sleeker and smaller. This has enabled industry to increase its market by making their products not just for big entertainment rooms in huge manors, but also for those living in small apartments, condominiums and townhouses.

Because of the number of products available, it is easy for a first time buyer to be confused. Perhaps brand recognition is one great consideration. Panasonic is a brand that has been known for inexpensive yet reliable audio and video products. Their entry into the market has been welcomed recently with a very reliable mini home theater system that starts off at less than 200 dollars. There are other more expensive home theater system models which Panasonic carries but this mini home theater is good for those with small quarters and space.

Panasonic, whose mother company is Matsushista, is a well known company in Japan and was one of the originators of the DVD's and VHS systems. It previously had a huge market share of both VHS and DVD and its foray into it is a sign of their ability to adjust to the times. Some of the higher versions of the Panasonic home theater systems integrate Blue Ray Technology for DVDs, internet integration for playing massive multi media role playing games, iPOD and MP3 base pads, and TIVO connections. Panasonic has made things simpler and easier for most people to install their home theater systems.

Whatever system you decide to choose, one must also consider that the home theater experience is not just a visual one, but more of an audio one. To insure that one gets the maximum benefits of the experience, there must be a focal point in the room wherein one can use as the place where one would watch, and upon knowing this, make the proper adjustments for the subwoofers and the speakers, whether It is a 2.1, 5.1 or 7.1 set up.

By Steve Magill

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