Home Website Review Paypal IPN Integration for your website (PHP Sample code provided)

Paypal IPN Integration for your website (PHP Sample code provided)


With any luck , this allows you men with the integration of the Paypal Prompt Payment Notifications system on your possess sites. Sense totally free to inquire thoughts in the feedback!
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  1. If i just add <input type="hidden" name="username" value="<?php echo $username; ?>"> in the paypal html code
    To identify the user who paid. Is it possible?

  2. THANK YOU SOSOSOSOSO MUCH ?. I've been trying to understand IPN, and its codes, the whole of yesterday, but I just couldn't really grasp it. Others' codes didn't work out for me either for some reason.
    Your explanation was simple and easy to understand.

  3. Thanks for the video !

    I am looking for a script that send an email to me + Person A, B or C everytime I made a sell for this person.

    This mail must shows ONLY the last name, first name of the customer and the name of the product ( nothing more than that ).

    Does someone has a script that does that ??


  4. How would you go about setting the custom variable you mentioned (the $custom = $_POST['custom'] field)? I want to track who a person donated to for a cycling charity so we can make sure the rider's meet their fundraising goals. Basically, I need to send a rider ID to paypal when someone clicks a button. Any tips on how to set that to the custom field?

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