Home Game Review PDP Afterglow Dolby Prismatic Wireless Headset – PS4 PS3 Xbox 360 PC

PDP Afterglow Dolby Prismatic Wireless Headset – PS4 PS3 Xbox 360 PC


Well it was time to replace my old ROCCAT Kave gaming headset, some how I broke them. But on a bright note and i do mean bright. I went a purchased the PDP Afterglow Dolby Prismatic Wireless Headset with charging stand. I was able to get them on sale at Best Buy of all places for 120.00, I bought the extended warranty and I paid a little over 150.00 $ see if these gaming headphones are as good as they look.

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  1. Hello,
    Could somebody explain me (I'm not techy) how come if it is wireless you still want to connect it to the PC? Is it for better quality of for the battery to last longer?
    Also, I read some comments saying they connected it to their pc with the fiber optic cable to the sound card.
    Do normal laptops (from 2014, I have a lenovo Z250 with windows 8 and intel core 7) have a port for this fiber optic cable or will the sound be compromised?

  2. can i hook it up with my prismatic headset and can i hook it up with a pc and xbox 360 at the same time?

  3. mine continue to make an incredibly annoying high-pitched beeping sound for no apparent reason, can anybody help me with what may be causing the issue, I'm using them for my PC and thusfar nothing has helped me whatsoever.

  4. Don't ever get afterglow i mean they have awesome sound and look awesome but they break and my broke just like his not only that the screws were going lose on their own too. they need to redesign their shitty plastic headphones.

  5. got an afterglow for my pc last year for 99.99$ the mic stopped working after 3 weeks. garbage im sticking to these new turtle beaches MOTHER TRUCKERS!

  6. I need help :(… So it charges just on the stand I have the ''Power'' at the stand plugged into my PC and the USB thingy is plugged to the headset… Now when i look at the sides of the headset its just slowly changing to no color and then it changes to blue again and again.. When i just pull the charging thing out of the headset it shuts off and when i try to turn it on NOTHING HAPENS.. also the Logo icon is also blinking abit faster then the headset on the stand.. eally thats all that happens… Please help ;/… Also what do you guys preffer using the stand or an other charging station to charge the headset… Sorry for my typing hope you guys can ead it…

  7. I have the same headset. It buzzes like crazy and ai tried alot with pdp to give me a solution and I ended up RMA it. It has awesome sound, but a terrible microphone.

  8. Did your dolby light ever light up??? if yes how did you managed to make it work?
    I'm on pc *

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