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Pebble Smartwatch Review | Engadget


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So, what is Pebble? It’s not a smartphone for your wrist, as we’ve seen attempted before. In fact, it’s far less sophisticated than you might expect — the lightweight device reads out basic text, lets you skip through music tracks and, of course, displays the time. It’s hardly the greatest achievement of our generation, or even the device of the year. It’s become incredibly popular, sure, but despite the hype, you certainly don’t need to own one. Yet, somehow, even the most technologically inept people in our lives have heard it mentioned on morning talk shows, FM radio stations or from pre-teens anxious to impress their friends. Having a smartphone alone isn’t enough anymore. Or is it? Read our full review here: http://goo.gl/J3Wgs

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  1. would this watch be considered PCI Compliant my workplace is mainly concerned over people peeking at there phones or using a smart watch to relay client information hence I might consider the Pebble it has no camera no touch screen an only shows notifications

  2. Hi thinking of getting one to replace my uwatch u8, does this work with android marshmallow cyanogenmod 13?

  3. Does it work with Google Play? Imagine wearing thick leather garden gloves, would you still be able to play/pause, forward/backward on songs? Thanks everyone.

  4. This watch is the fat kid in the corner that everyone is nice to because they feel sorry for him.

  5. Just got this garbage yesterday, havent even used it yet, and i got error fe502504. Glad this piece of shit company is out of business.

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