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Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief: A Evaluate


Percy Jackson is like and young teen residing in New York, except for the fact that his father is the Greek God, Poseidon. Staying the son of the lord of the ocean and of earthquakes has some excellent positive aspects, like the capacity to manipulate and handle drinking water. The downside of this is that considering that he has arrive of age his is now a key concentrate on for the enemies of Greek Gods, particularly any monster from Greek Mythology that you can assume of.  And they are all fairly terrifying.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan is the initially in a sequence of 5 textbooks referred to as Percy Jackson and the Olympians. It facilities about Percy and his discovery that he is a 50 percent-blood, or demigod, the son of a human and a god. He discovers that there are other folks that share this trait and they assemble collectively in a put referred to as Camp Half Blood.

Percy meets with fellow demigods, centaurs, satyrs and other incredibly-a great deal-alive creatures of Historical Greek Myth and even manages to rub shoulders with a handful of gods and a alternatively scary prophecy. Shortly soon after he arrives at Camp Half-Blood even so factors begin to tumble apart. Percy is accused of stealing the God Zeus’ grasp lightning bolt. Just after he proclaims his innocence his is supplied ten times to verify it and return the bolt to Mount Olympus.
Like any initially guide in an ongoing sequence, The Lightning Thief has to not only have a powerful story but it have to also set up the characters and a lot more importantly the environment which the characters inhabit as partaking and in the end convincing. Riordan does so deftly.

The premise that Greek Gods are alive (so to discuss) and residing in New York City, is sent with excellent conviction and pacing. The story concludes wonderfully, providing a whiplash ending which will not only get young audience back again for a lot more but possibly also get them intrigued in the mythology driving the story.

A highly advisable examine for tweens, teens and adult audience. The film adaptation comes out early February so test that out far too. 

By Inger Fountain

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