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Peugeot 3008 2017 SUV review | Mat Watson Reviews


Peugeot have just revealed the brand new 3008! This new model looks to power into the SUV market and establish itself as a class leader, in a similar fashion to the Nissan Qashqai or Volskwagen Tiguan. Peugeot seems to have taken onboard a lot of the customer criticism of the previous model, and now on board Peugeot have fixed annoying design issues, such as the steering wheel blocking the view of the dials. More importantly however, Peugeot have emphasised the 3008’s connection to its little hatchback brother, the 308 via the choice of engines which prioritise fuel economy. But, what about practicality, and model design? Will this SUV turn heads on the school run? Will it be the class leader Peugeot hope? Find out what I really thought of the brand new 3008 now!

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  1. This SUV looks good, but … does not have four-wheel drive. I think Dacia Duster is a better choice and less cost.

  2. It's a French car. It will fail. It might look good, but it's still a French car. Nothing close to German quality brands.

  3. I may be one of the few to say this, but I honestly dislike the interior to this thing. It just seems over designed and gearing too much towards track/super cars. The fact that the only controls on the center console are switches and they're all just lined up like that. Also, the fact that the steering wheel is tiny will make the car feel overly large. But, in the end, to each their own.

  4. Друзья, каждый из Вас имеет возможность протестировать этот уникальный автомобиль. Новое поколение Peugeot 3008 уже в Украине. Ждем Вас в ДЦ "Авто-Шанс" (Пежо Центр Кировоград), где Вы в полной мере сможете прочувствовать на себе все достоинства автомобиля. г. Кировоград (Кропивницкий), ул.Мурманская 12.
    Тел.: (0522)555500.

  5. "This car does not have 4WD"

    Get out Peugeot, I was falling in love with this car but an SUV without 4WD is NOT AN SUV!

  6. car of the year 2017? don't know why…. but ok, different tastes. i think Peugeot it's quite boring, and this car is a good example. Jeremey Clarkson also thinks like that.

  7. I love how you have to pay extra for the glass cockpit even on an Audi A6 but here it's standard and it's glorious. Peugeot really stepped up their game.

  8. I have to admit the car seems great for a french car and almost tempting to own one, but… it's still a Peugeot. So in the end Audi Q2 is still more tempting and the price difference is not enormous (depending of equipment).

  9. The first iteration of 3008 was very problematic in my country, reliability is terrible plus the service centers are incompetent in resolve the problems. After 3-4 years the care only held 20% resale value. Hopefully they improved a lot this time, this car looks quite good.

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