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Peugeot 308 2017 Hatchback review | Mat Watson Reviews


The Peugeot 308 won European Car of the Year in 2014 but can this stylish hatchback live up to the hype of its predecessor? Can it outscore the 2016 winner, the Vauxhall Astra, or other popular hatchbacks such as the Volkswagen Golf or Ford Focus. Is it worth getting the base model with its cheap, tempting price tag, or is it better to upgrade? Have Peugeot’s exterior quality transferred over to the interior cabin, and can it pass the infamous carwow flick test? Find out all of this and more in our 4k review of the Peugeot 308Subscribe to carwow on youtube –

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  1. I actually prefer the older 308. It had French flair. This 308 is boring and looks and tries to be a VW Golf. Even the wipers that Peugeot always used to use that sweep to centre have gone and I really don't like either that one has to control the climate control through the touch screen or the speedometer is obstructed by the steering wheel. This is an example of what they did to the Citroen C4. Removed the french flair and uniqueness and made them boring.

  2. i drive one myselfe, the only thing i find annoying is the reaction of airflow when windows opened. The eardrums don't like it. Last of it for a 3 to 4 ppl solution, you hit gold. And if ya can't but just can test one do it 🙂 rly fine craftmanship

  3. I've got a 1.6 bluehdi 120 BHP allure version on 16 inch alloys. Don't buy if you are after fuel economy as claimed 85mpg combined is a big lie, you'll get 60 mpg if you're extremely lucky. My old 308 active 92bhp 2011 returned a fantastic average 56mpg against an official figure of 67mpg!!

  4. First time I saw a peugeot 308 from some 50 metres away I thought it was a Golf . Of course the Golf is the butter and 308 is the margarine…LOL

  5. His points about the steering wheel going right through the gauges… and the ac being awkward to operate are spot on.

  6. I bought 308 GT 180 EAT8:- You have to set up the climate whilst parked – impossible (dangerous) to readjust while driving. The sat nav is impossible (very dangerous) to reset after accidentally touching the wrong spot on the screen while driving. This is particularly serious on major roads. My Garmin on the other hand lets me switch on to my route as I am approaching my destination – I don't have to listen to it for hours of driving on familiar roads. Also very irritating is not being able to use the radio while parked, say waiting for a passenger – it goes into "economy mode" and switches off – unless you keep the engine running – illegal or soon will be.

    Also if your expert would be so kind to tell us how to turn off the enhanced hifi-speaker engine sound in "sport" mode – is the annoying noise a deterrent from using it – some sort of economy nudge by Peugeot? I have the Denon speaker version and whilst it might make the pseudo engine noise impress adolescents and younger, it doesn't impress me or other adults that might enjoy listening to radio or music.

    On the plus side, its a nice drive especially on winding country roads.

  7. Another brilliant review by Matt despite Peugeot followers throwing their toys out of the pram Peugeot Citroen are not bottom of the JD power customer satisfaction survey for nothing .

  8. For you, front (especially driver's) seats are not important. And this is one of the most important elements of any car.
    Most reviewers pay more attention to bottle holders, mobile phone storage place…. than to the driving position, feel, driving comfort…

  9. Shifts bad? Wtf are you talking about? Got this car myself and it shifts very wel, even at the garage people who know there shit claim the 308 shifts better then most modern cars.

  10. You guys should put more effort so that it actually shows that you're driving and it's not a green screen 🙂

  11. This car handles great, maybe helped by small steering wheel, always feels nimble for quite a big car.

    Passenger room in the back is fine and seats are comfortable. Never feel trapped.

  12. Don't buy the 2008 308 with the ep6 engine. It's a peice of German junk (engine) . More issues than the EU.

  13. Peugeot has always been better looking than boring Golf, u guyz are blind or u just don't like the brand like Peugeot, so as Matt 🙂

  14. I love this car I have driven this exact model and I have to disagree with a lot of your review it's very nippy very precise driving loads of room front and back (for it's class size ) does near 60 mpg for me the manual gear box is NOT notchy driving position tho' slightly offset is not bad at all , it's easy to park in any space has a rear view camera to aid parking , it infotainment/on screen controls although not THE best they are pretty good within the class of cars it competes with , and finally it's fun to drive it really is my last 10 cars have been 2 Q3s – 2 Q7s – 2 Q5 an A5 an A6 a Bmw 5 series and a Skoda Kodiak …apart from the Skoda Kodiak the little 308 has been my favourite "little car " hands down . as for the Kodiak , that has been a revelation too would definately have another Kodiak over any of the Audi offerings currently available .

  15. Hey genius the whole concept of the icockpit and its small steering wheel is so it can be set just below the dash, which is up closer to the front view of the road. Saying the steering can block the dash is just cos you’re not setting it properly and missing the whole concept of the design.

  16. bought a 2015 308 yesterday 1.2 Turbo active and i love it much better than golf / polo and all their dsg issues and jerks expensive to maintain but peogeots interior is classy, clean & unique 6 speed torque converter made in japan by asini its just perfect and the 4.4l/100km is awesome

  17. This review is extremely biased, it looks as it was made by a german! I've been the owner of a 308 for more than 5 years. The car is close to perfect, by far the best I ever owned and one of the best that I've driven. Seats are spot on, so is steering (best wheel in the market, once you get used to it the rest seem like truck steering wheels), perfect chassis, biggest trunk space in the segment when it was introduced in the market, amazing design (both interior and exterior), better performance compared than other cars with similar engines (due to lower weight, I guess), very good quality of materials, excellent LED lighting and reliability which has been superb up to this day. The price was much cheaper than the equivalent Golf, btw a friend of mine bought the VW and had some issues and I couldn't notice a thing in which it'd be better (apart from the tech and navigator which is awful in the 308). Gear changing is not bad once you get used to it but could be improved, I've tried faster gear knobs. A bit of wind noise in the mirrors as in every other car in this segment and… that's about it, no more faults. I've travelled with 3 additional passengers and nobody complained about the space, most of them fell asleep due to a very confortable ride and seats, many people has praised my car over the years and some members of my family even offered to buy it. Probably the most underrated car in the market as of now and I'm really willing to see how much Peugeot can improve for the next gen. As mentioned in another comment, you probably need to own it to really appreciate it.

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