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Photo Books Make a Memorable Gift


Generic, store-bought gifts are often forgettable and they usually have little enduring meaning. The gift, whether or not much thought was put into it, often wears out and may or may not leave a lasting memory. There are, however, simple and inexpensive choices that can make a gift raise a smile for a lifetime.

Incredible advances in both computers and digital photography technology in the past few years have made it child’s play to take unique and special photographs at family events or just normal, day-to-day times that stand out. Today’s digital cameras let you to snap a picture, review it, modify it in-camera, or erase and retake it within seconds. Whenever you’re satisfied, it is simple to transfer it digitally to your computer or print it directly to your photo printer.

It has become more popular recently to change a tradition, posed family photo to more casual or natural shots that can happen at any moment throughout the day. These shots are usually more fun and relaxed, and tend to show people as they really are. A family portrait does not even have to be a single photo any longer. Photo books allow you to create an entire volume of photos, from the parents, kids, grandparents, aunts and uncles… and even the family dog. School events, family reunions and other memories can be captured and published together, creating a yearbook of sorts for a specific period in the lifetime of your special family.

Each year more people consider the possibility of creating photo books, but the kits that are available for self-publishing still take a certain degree of sophistication. After finishing, many are unhappy with the finished result because it looks for amateurish than they expected when starting. Desktop publishing a photo book on a personal computer still takes a thorough knowledge of the programs, as well as being able to adjust the quality, sharpness, cropping and color balance of the individual photos to make the pages appear as envisioned.

Some good advice may be to save yourself a good deal of time and many headaches by leaving the process to the professionals; it is now possible to get a photo book published online. As opposed to a handmade book, which will certainly take hours to put together and may disappoint in the end, with a quality online service you will get a book that looks like it was professionally published. It will be a bound book with a hard cover, and which will lay flat on the coffee table.

Publishing a personalized photo book online usually consists of a few simple steps:

  • Uploading your photos to the website
  • Choosing a photo book template
  • Loading the individual photos into the placeholders
  • Deciding whether you want the book shipped, or if you’d rather pick it up at your local camera shop (It can be ready in as little as an hour.)

As usual, there are characteristics to look for in a company, and you should not delegate a gift this unique to just anyone. First, find a company that has a good selection of photo book templates so you can find one that reflects your own (or your family’s) personality and will also fulfill your needs for the purpose of the book. In addition to the obvious Christmas or birthday gift, custom photobooks can be created for a variety of events and reasons, such as:

  • Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts
  • Graduation memories
  • Creating a custom photo album of birthdays, holidays and other special occasions
  • Wedding and anniversary albums
  • Baby’s first year
  • Family reunions

Grandparents, especially, want to see more and be involved more than modern life gives them the chance. A custom-made photo book will not only give them something to look at, but will give them a prop to use when bragging about their kids and grandkids.

Remember that you may have spent every day of the last year with the members of your family, but not everyone else in your extended family has had the same opportunity. Creating a personalized photobook as a gift is guaranteed to bring a lasting smile to the faces of those close to you and yours. A memorable, custom photo album of pictures is one way to show your family that they are special, and that you want them to have a special, one-of-a-kind gift.

By A Kurszewski

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