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When one is in the ad business, one has to constantly think of events and advertising gimmicks to attract more customers. To become an effective advertiser, one can use resources that are available to apply advertising techniques and hold events. One such resource is a photo hosting site. An event one can hold to attract the interest of prospect clients with the use of a photo hosting site is a photo contest. One can hold it over the internet and have contestants post their entries in a photo hosting site.

By posting the entry photos in a photo hosting website, they can allow other people to view it and if possible allow other people to vote on the winner. The more votes a photo can get will win.

They can also make use of the link provided by the photo contest hosting site to embed the photos in their site where visitors of their site can vote on it. This way the website where the contest is being held won’t need extra resources to store the pictures included in the contest. The storage resource that will be used is in that of the photo contest hosting site.

Bloggers can make use of photo hosting sites to get images they can embed in their blog posts. Having a lot of photos on one’s blog will allow the blogger to attract more traffic. And having more traffic will make one earn more especially if one has advertisements in one’s blog. This is because the more traffic one site attracts, the higher the possibility that the traffic coming in would click on the links on ads in the site.

Website owners can also place photos of interest in photo sharing sites. These photos can serve as samples and the site that is the source of the photo would be written on the photo so that people who want to see more photos of the same theme would go to the site where the original photo can be found. It is an advertising technique one can employ to attract more traffic to ones site.

Another use of photo hosting sites would be using it to store a portfolio. One can showcase ones art by posting photos of it in the photo hosting site. This way one can show the art to anyone who can be interested and attract clients who would be interested to one’s art.

If one is into digital graphics design, one can advertise by using photo hosting sites. One can take snapshots of one’s design and upload it in a photo hosting site where one can show it to prospective and interested clients.

The same goes for professional photographers. They can post their work in a photo hosting site and direct possible clients to that site to see if one’s kind of work is what they are looking for.

There are a lot of possibilities one can explore in using photo hosting sites. Thinking of new ways to attract more clients and making use of resources available is the mark of a good advertiser.

By Juan C Ruiz

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